Minecraft Addiction and Little About Its Survival Mode

First of all, you people need to know about what is Minecraft and how it makes the people addictive to it, people of all age groups from kids to grown up ones. A player will be digging the holes in the virtual Minecraft game to collect the blocks which uses for creating the buildings. You spend big time on digging and collecting blocks but game play is not limited to this.
The next part is more interesting which concerns about what to do with these blocks in Minecraft. Now, It is depended upon the player’s imagination what he builds with blocks which can be whether small hut or big taller building. You need to build a shelter or defense zone to be protected from zombies and monsters that appears at night in the Minecraft game. Survival is the entire objective of the game.
You can play Minecraft in four different modes such as Hardcore mode, Spectator mode, Creative mode and Survival mode. Each mode will make you granted an extra powers such as flying ability. Here, I would like to mention here that Minecraft addiction does not start in the initial few hours but it takes little time to build up the things. You will have to be engaged in repititive things to surivive in Minecraft and gradually you start find interest in game which becomes addiction later.
According to the parents, they have Minecraft’ addicted children who always play Minecraft and the time when they are not playing it they are surely talking about Mincraft with friends. One mother says that my kid eats, drinks, sleeps and breath the Minecraft and need take him to the doctor. Mincecraft addiction makes it third most popular game in the world and kids are crazy about it. After few years, big gamer experts would say that the first game they played was Minecraft for sure.
What is Survival Mode in Minecraft Game?
You have to be surviving from the dragons, monsters and zombies in the surviving mode and perform the functions like protect the city or even entire world. You take the initiative by doing small things such as creating the tools, manage the shelter and food. Though it is a quite different gamplay but it also makes the user going to Minecraft’s world without any resources and with the passagae of time start collecting the armored and all sorts of resources.


The twenty four hours day in Minecraft is equal to ten minutes in real life. Ten minutes for morning and ten minutes for night. It is hard to survive at night due to appearances of monsters and dragons. Trees are really important in Minecraft which helps you collecting wood and crafting the tools. In the first time, you need to use your hands punching trees to make it fell down and after that use the tools for cutting down the trees. You build tools and safe spaces to keep yourself safe and protected from Monsters appears at night. The better you manage your shelter for night, the more survivial chances increases.