Most Popular Social Networking Sites

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Social networking sites has become the essential part of mankind’s lives and people cannot imagine their life without spending time on one of these sites without even a single day. Majority of people are using the internet for using one of these social networking sites and they have become addicted to it. Most of the time, people login their one of these account without any special purpose and rather just want to visit the page and see the notifications. We are going to share the top social networking sites in descending order with its Alexa rating, monthly unique visitors and giving the short description about its social nature.
Facebook was founded in the year 2004 by the Mark Zuckerberg who developed this site besides there were also four members along with him in the effort of developing a social networking site like Facebook. Though, nobody needs introduction of it here but for the sake of this article, it’s a social networking where people shares images, messages, videos, location and many more.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,100,000,000
Alexa Rating: 2
social networking site
Facebook ( Social Networking Site )
YouTube is a video sharing social networking site where people uploads their personal videos or also upload the movies, documentaries, songs and other video related stuff. Millions of people are running their personal channel on YouTube which are also subscribed by other people who uses the YouTube. People are also earning money from their YouTube channels.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,000,000,000
Alexa Rating: 3
Social Networking Site
YouTube ( Social Networking Site )
Twitter is a special kind of social networking site where famous celebrities, politicians, actors, media persons and famous people from all industries and files joins the Twitter to create official account for sharing any personal or official update with the followers on their official page. Though, other common people are also using Twitter in large numbers and they have also their followers. You can only type a short message within 150 characters.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 310,000,000
Alexa Rating: 8
Social Networking Site
Twitter ( Social Networking Site )
It is a social networking site for professional people where they create the accounts and use it for uploading C.V. and sharing the skills & qualification. LinkedIn is used by both employees and employers to find each other. This site has become a new virtual job market.
Monthly Unique Visitors:255,000,000
Alexa Rating: 9
Social Networking Site
LinkedIn ( Social Networking Site )
It is a special kind of social networking site where people posts the images and videos of certain and specific interests and themes. It gathers the people with common interests to share the different types of data with each other.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 250,000,000
Alexa Rating: 13
Social Networking Site
Pinterest ( Social Networking Site )
Google Plus +
Google Plus + is a social networking site developed by Google and people here developed official page of blog or website. There are millions of communities on different categories developed by Google Plus + and also joined by people where they share the relevant data.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 120,000,000
Alexa Rating: 28
Social Networking Site
Google Plus ( Social Networking Site )
This is a micro-blogging platform where people can post its multimedia and other type of content on blog. This is owned by Yahoo and it was initiated in the year 2007.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 110,000,000
Alexa Rating: 34
Social Networking Site
This is a video or photo sharing social networking site in which people can take photos or make videos from their smartphone and instantly shares on Instagram account. This site is promoting the multimedia sharing content with each other.
Monthly Unique Visitors:100,000,000
Alexa Rating:36
Social Networking Site
Instagram ( Social Networking Site )
Reddit is an entertainment based social networking site where people shares the news with each other, they are also thousands of communities developed in this site too.
Monthly Unique Visitors: 85,000,000
Alexa Rating: 42
Social Networking Site
Reddit ( Social Networking Site )