Top 9 Best Mp3 Downloader Apps For Android – Free Mp3 Music Download – Mp3 Music Download on Android Devices

best mp3 downloader apps
best mp3 downloader apps

Music lovers one of the largest fan base for any particular hobby existing in the world. People in Music industry earn millions of millions dollars annually by entertaining the people crazy for music. Millions of people also enjoys music everyday and listening it offline / online is a part of life for them. We also come across lots of free music apps / sites which lets us download / stream and enjoy the favorite tracks. Not all of these sites are good to enjoy music, ad pop-ups ruins the experience and you would soon start feeling frustrated. Let me put before you a list of Top 10 best mp3 downloader apps for Android devices, you read all and pick one sounds suitable to you.

Find the list of Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader Apps below.

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader Apps For Android 2017

  1. Songily

“Songily” started enjoying the popularity within short time after its launch. This music app allows you to search the favorite music tracks and play them online. It also enables you downloading the music file in MP3 format for free. The downloaded music file can also be shared with friends on other devices. One of the best MP3 Downloader apps for enjoying music.

best mp3 downloader apps
best mp3 downloader apps


  • Choose the music tracks from Top charts.
  • Offers search engine for songs searching which can also enjoy online on Songily.
  • Download the music file on mp3 format and share them with friends.
  1. Mp3 Music Download

Mp3 Music Download is highly recommendable app which allows downloading mp3 songs for free. Once the track has been downloaded on Android device, play it with any other music app. The only problem is lots of ads pop outs and interrupts the listening to music. Other than this, best mp3 downloader app you can find on Play Store. One of the best MP3 Downloader apps available for enjoying free music.


  • Enjoy the music for free.
  • Once the music file is downloaded, can also transfer to other devices.
  1. Wynk Music

People who loves music and frequently enjoys it on Android devices would most probably have already used “Wynk Music” app. Its music library stores more than 1.8 million songs, user can stream the music and also download. It divides the songs collection into various categories such as artists, genres, moods and e.t.c., it is convenient for the user to select from. Its hug music library covers almost all genres and artists. You can find songs from Bollywood and Hollywood collection, old and new both.

Airtel users enjoys the free subscription for Wynk Music, if you use other than Airtel telecom service then can get subscribed the app at Rs. 99 per month only.

Wynk Music is one of the best mp3 downloader apps considering its cheap rates.

best mp3 downloader apps
best mp3 downloader apps


  • Big Music Library makes available Indian and International Music.
  • Non-stop music streaming.
  • Playlist offers categorization according to genre, moods, artist and others.

Features of Wynk Pro

  • Enjoy Music Without Annoying Ads
  • One month trial period totally free
  • Unlimited In App Music Download ( Offline Mode )
  1. Gaana

This is another Best mp3 downloader app for enjoying the music and access to collection of 10 million songs. Gaana app lets the user search the song from playlist created on the basis of genre, you can also create your own choice of playlist. Gaana app makes available Indian and English songs both, Hindi songs made in different Indian Regional languages available.

Ganna is one of the best mp3 downloader apps considering its massive library size.


  • Huge library of Songs, English and Hindi both.
  • Pre-created playlist on genre basis.
  • Non-stop online radio stations.
  • Dedicated sections for Dance Songs, Romantic Songs, Ghazals, Bhajans and many other sections.
  1. 4shared

4shared is also the popular title among Best mp3 downloader apps and known for its huge music library which lets the user pick the favorite soundtrack from 5 million collections. Its massive music library is still expanding over the time and updating with recent launches. When you login and start downloading music, it will keep adding into 15GB of data available to you on your 4shared cloud folder.

Mp3 music apps are available in abundance, 4shared for surely enjoys the distinctive identity in the crowd. Though, its interface is little cliché but people loves the app in millions. It might get slow during extreme usage hours but still allows you search and download songs available in library. One of the Best mp3 downloader apps available on Android.

best mp3 downloader apps
best mp3 downloader apps


  • File sharing ability from the cloud account to friends.
  • Enables you to add files to personal account or download for offline usage.
  • Massive music library.
  1. SoundCloud Downloader

There is hardly anyone not heard about SoundCloud, a popular online music streaming site and its app for Android is also available. It is one-stop destination where you find not only variety of music but also access to audiobooks and podcasts. Its Android app allows you listening to music and also uploading audio from your device. You can make comments, like and share the songs uploaded by other users.

Soundcloud is also used as a platform for sharing own talent of music creation and singing. Your talent can also go viral on social media once people start sharing it on Soundcloud. This is one of the Best mp3 downloader app for enjoying free music.

SoundCloud is one of the best mp3 downloader apps considering make you also available audiobooks and podcasts.

Features of Soundcloud

  • Find the latest trending music
  • Create Playlist of your favorite tracks
  • Search the tracks in various categories Artist, Moods, Genre and many more
  • It’s a social media friendly platform can connect to friends for sharing music
  • Control Music from your Lock Screen

SoundCloud Pro Version

  • Access all tracks from popular bands to award winning music.
  • User gets rides of Ads in Pro version.
  1. Google Play Music

Google Play Music has also been enjoying the popularity to become a great choice for downloading mp3 format music. Over the time, its subscribers are increasing and joining its Android app for enjoying the music at its best. You do not have to be a subscriber and pay for downloading music from its app; it also offers free music tracks to download. You can also go to its store, fine the favorite tracks and play them online.

Google Play Music is one of the best mp3 downloader apps considering its amount of music collections in library.

best mp3 downloader apps
best mp3 downloader apps


  • It groups the massive music library into various categories such as Mood, Genre, Artist and many others, offer convenience.
  • It features an Intelligence system to suggest and recommends your favorite music tracks.
  • Google Play Music is an app also offers podcast to be subscribed.
  • It lets you store up to 50,000 personal songs at the personal storage.
  • It offers On-demand music which lets you experience in unique way.
  1. MixerBox

MixerBox lets you play music from YouTube and other online Mp3 media sources. An appropriately designed app enables you easily finding favorite tracks and music from specific artists. App also shows you a list of songs collection divided into various categories such as Genre, Moods, Artist and many more.

The best feature of MixerBox app which lets you pop out the music video from the app, while you are engaged in multi-tasking and also enjoying its video on smaller screen. You can even tap the video, drag, hold and drop where you want to fix it on the device screen.

MixerBox is one of the best mp3 downloader apps considering its pop out feature.


  • Enjoys watching music video while multi-tasking
  • Device Synchronization
  • MixerBox app is Social-Friendly
  1. RockMyRun

People enthusiasts for running / workout use the “RockMyRun” app while exercising. The App’s developers have collaborated with Top DJ’s to produce motivating and fast pace music for improving the user’s workout experience and enhance the performance. RockMyRun lets you bookmark the favorite track for listening later anytime, can also cache it. This is the best app to achieve ambitious health goals and keep continuing with intensive amount of workout.

It filters the time length of your playlist equal to your exercise session time. Meanwhile, also keep you suggesting songs and tracks can enhance the workout performances.


  • Useful songs suggestions as per users taste.
  • Best music experience fueling your workout.
  • Set Beats Per Minutes according to your workout speed.

Mp3 is one of the most downloading format among all, apps allows you downloading music in Mp3 format are in great demand. We have combined a list of 9 Best mp3 downloader apps available on Android platform. You can download any of them to have an instant access on favorite music tracks online and offline both. Mostly are free apps which do let you enjoying and listening to music without paying a single penny. Overall, these mp3 music apps have improved a lot and its new features let you make the best out of mp3 apps. Song suggestion feature saves your big time from keep searching for soul-matching tracks.

You can comment us below to add another app in the list of Best mp3 downloader apps.

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