14 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy, Pro Controller, Joy Con Grip, Joy Con Cha Nintendo Switch Car Charger, Joy Con Charging Grip and Many More

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been in discussion these days and become a point of focus for gaming enthusiasts. It is a great gaming device, an innovative one and perfectly making its way to success to achieve big milestones in terms of number of units sold and revenues. Early adopters of Nintendo Switch may not find vast collection of games initially, but large variety of accessories will be accessible to pair up with the Switch, credit goes to its portability factor. We have compiled a list of 15 best Nintendo Switch accessories for the owners of Nintendo Switch; they can buy any or all of them.

  1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Owners of Nintendo Switch are more than satisfactory from its original controllers comes with the gaming device. They perform extra ordinary and allows the gamer on the go gameplay and especially when you are playing games like 1-2 Switch. But, people still may get tired of these unique ones and starts looking for more traditional approach. At that time, Pro Controller is the best choice. It resembles an Xbox controller, also placing dual thumbsticks and D-pad, which allows smooth gaming experience. Pro Controllers are made of high quality material and durable.

You can buy these controllers at the cost of $85 on Amazon.

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  1. HORI Compact Playstand

HORI Compact Playstand is another useful accessory of newly launched Nintendo Switch, a gaming device. It performs kickstand function and offers the user to keep the device in it, instead of keeping somewhere can get rolled and scratched. It is made of really good build quality and still allows the high portability for the user. Hori Compact Playstand is made of a hard plastic which allows more stability firmness in the stand. It also enables user folding it into multiple viewing angles, can also fold completely flat for the ease of portability. You can get HORI Compact Playstand at the price of $13.

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  1. Anker PowerCore 26800

USB Type C port is the connectivity option included in Nintendo Switch, which means Power Bank can be used for recharging the device. The only problem is that the power bank must provide at least 5V 3A or else it is ineffective. The Anker PowerCore 26800 is such a massive power bank with battery capacity of 26,800 mAh. It means Nintendo Switch can be recharged six times using this power bank, which provides 5V 3A. Owners must be carrying Anker PowerCore in order to maximize the gameplay period of the Switch. You can get it at $100 which is expensive though.

  1. Anker Powerline+ USB Type-C Cable

As we have already mentioned above, Nintendo Switch comes up with USB Type C connectivity option which invites lots of third party manufactures builds Type-C accessories especially for Nintendo Switch going to be extremely popular in near future. Powerline+ is a USB Type-C cable which can be a great alternative of OEM cables. You might be wondering why including cable accessory in the list when OEM cables are there. The thing is OEM cable breaks easily and not durable in usage.

Powerline+ is a cable made of Kevlar ( a material used in bulletproof vests ) which promises and long life. This is very strong cable and might be only effective cable for Nintendo Switch. It can be paired up with PowerCore 26800 and ensure proper connection throughout. You can get Powerline+ at $14 only on Amazon.

  1. Game Card Case

Nintendo Switch owners might be going to encounter the problem with cartridges; as they are very small in size. In case, Switch owners prefers collection of games in hard copies and not digital, the probability of losing a cartridge would be high and risky. Game Card Case caters the need of the owner considering the issue and provides the simple solution. It comes up with 24 slots in total and also having space for microSD cards. It would also enhance the portability experience as owner do not have to be carrying bulky game cases during traveling and fully enjoy the games on Nintendo Switch.

You can get “Game Card Case” at the price of $10 on Amazon.

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  1. Joy Con Grip

People love Joy Con Controllers comes with Nintendo Switch. They are quite portable and fun to use. User can also make the pair separated for using more comfortably and can also be attached to various other accessories, like the charging grip. Joy Con Controllers are ideal for two players as well. When Nintendo Switch is turned into portable mode, each player can use single Joy Con to control own character in the game. Once it starts using by two players in the portable mode, each player may complain about controller slippery and lack of grip in shape. This is where the importance of Joy Con Grip realized and enhanced.      It is a little grip but makes things better for player and adds more dimensions to the Joy Con.

You can get Joy Con Grip at the cost of $15 on Amazon.

  1. Orzly Folio Cover

The Screen of Nintendo Switch takes major proportion of screen-to-body ratio when in the handheld mode. Screen colors and resolution is just amazing and enhances the experience of Gameplay. At the same time, the screen is quite sensitive and requires the user to ensure high protection from water or something damaging.

The first thing comes in mind is to get a tempered glass in order to protect the screen which can enhance its life. But, one thing need to realize here is that glass tempered can reduce screen quality and fun level too. Folio cover comes up as the best option considering the issue. It protects the screen without compromising on its colors and quality.

You can get Orzly Folio Cover at the cost of $11 on Amazon.

  1. Joy Con Charging Grip

The Joy Cons are quite unique gaming controllers ever seen, they are wireless and also include motion sensors and vibrating system to make it better. However, they need to get recharged as consumes lots of battery due to sensors. To meet the charging need of user, Nintendo has launched a product known as the Joy Con Charging Grip. It provides the aid to charge the joy cons.

It keeps them being charged and will be available fully charged to you when heading for gameplay.

You can get Joy Con Charging Grip at the cost of $52 on Amazon.

  1. Nintendo Switch Car Charger

Nintendo Switch will be played a lot might be several hours a day, battery performance of the gaming device is not quite impressive. It can last two to six hours before battery dies. Being an enthusiast of Nintendo Switch, its car charge also enables you to do something productive even during driving the car. You can charge your Switch using its car charger, nothing can be more productive for one who loves gaming on this new beautiful device. This Nintendo Switch car charger runs off the 12V supply of the car, which means it is powerful enough to always charge the Switch. You can also buy the power bank which can also be charged, both accessories means a lot when buy together. Both these accessories can contribute into huge gaming times and enhances the portability of Nintendo Switch.

You can get Nintendo Switch Car Charger at the cost of $13 on Amazon.

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  1. Orzly Hard Carry Case

This is the most fundamental travel accessory available for Nintendo Switch to enhance its portability. This is a carrying case used during travelling which protects its entire body and sensitive screen from damages. It also enables the user carrying the device with no worry and easily takes it anywhere you want. Orzly Hard Carry case is made of hard shell from outside and soft material is used for inside, also comes with a pouch for some cables. The outside of carrying box is hard enough protecting device even someone dropped it from height, inside is soft enough to remain it scratch free.

You can buy Orzly Hard Carry case at the price of $22 on Amazon.

  1. Joy Con Controllers

The Nintendo Switch comes up with two Joy Con controllers. First is for left-hand use, second used for right hand. However, there can be two pairs of Joy Con Controllers for either 4-way multiplayer matches or two player modes. You can buy these additional Joy Con in two different colors, Blue and Red.

You can buy Joy Con Controllers at the cost of $80 on Amazon.

  1. Joy Con Wheel

The Joy Con controllers come up with motion sensors built right inside them, similar to Wii console. To makes the best of this feature which can also contribute for improving the gameplay, Joy Con Wheel can be used. This motion powered Wheel can ehnaces the gameplay fun of racing games multiple times. This is a Wheel with basic design and would place Joy Con controllers in its middle. It is highly affordable accessory which makes racing games more fun than ever.

  1. PowerA Joy Con Charging Dock

The Joy Con controllers have been powered by strong battery which lasts up to 20 hours, according to official sources. It is not possible to keep a track on battery status when an enthusiast owner busy in gaming heavily. You probably have extra Joy Cons and want all of them charging at the same time. Here comes the “ PowerA Joy Con Charging Dock ” and can be effective in this situation. A dock can handle the charging of four controllers at a time. Charging dock got LED’s on it which starts indicating to notify you about controller is being charged. It is easier charging Joy Con here on dock comparing to on the Switch.

You can buy PowerA Joy Con Charging Dock at the cost of $30 on Amazon.

  1. SanDisk 128GB microSD Card

The Nintendo Switch comes with an internal storage capacity of 32GB, by default. This is not enough for enthusiast who intended for downloading lots of gaming stuff from the Nintendo eShop, he should be buying an extra microSD Card of 128GB. SanDisk enables you using its 128GB internal storage and download as many games as you want. There are several game titles on Nintendo which can alone eat 32GB storage available by default. Extended storage can make you downloading more games and play them all without deleting previous ones to make a space.

You can buy SanDisk 128GB microSD Card at the cost of $40 on Amazon.

Some of the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

All these accessories mentioned above can be in great usage for the owner of Nintendo Switch. These accessories provide a real support to its owners in order to enjoying the gaming console more than ever. They actually meet the genuine needs of gaming enthusiasts who just bought Switch to make a real fun.

You can comment us below and share any other worth buying accessory of Nintendo Switch which we missed in our list.