Nintendo Two Amazing Games Will Be Available On Android and iPhone

Nintendo Animal Crossing on IOS

Nintendo’s gaming console is known for its addictive fantasy, entertaining and role-playing categories of games. They are not limited to releasing its games on Nintendo console, but its first game was released last year on the Android and IOS platforms. Miitomo is a Nintendo’s smartphone app was a huge success as it has more than 10 million users all over the world. Now, Nintendo is coming up with two more games available on Android and IOS this year, “Animal Crossing” and “Fire Emblem”. Both series are highly recognized and having millions of fans on the consoles, it is expected that its release would also be a big hit on smartphone device. Animal Crossing is a game in which player lives in a village and he needs to perform different activities like villagers do such as fishing, catering and bug catching. A times passes in the game as in the real world which makes it more interesting.

You have to keep expanding and decorating your house in the village and also go visit the other villages maintained by players online. It gives you like the real experience which makes it more additive. The second game is going to release Fire Emblem, it is a role-playing and tactical game in which player has to control its small army in the battle and going through the difficult Skirmishes. It is a great news for the people who owns android or IOS smartphone and always keen to be playing Nintendo games but they were never having its console in their lives. They have an opportunity to download both these popular games once these are released.   


According to the latest update and claimed, the smartphone version of Animal Crossing will be connected with the online platform for the console users. This news is opening up the endless possibilities for the players and raising the enough questions to be answered. Both these Nintendo’s games are also expected to be big hit on Android and IOS, like its last year release.