Nokia 3310 All Set To Come Back At The Price of €59, Nokia 3310 Most Popular Phone Ever – Popular For Ever-Lasting Battery and Durability

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

The legendary Nokia 3310 mobile phone known for its durability, all set to make a comeback

Nokia 3310 is going to be re-launched and promoted as a second phone for users, only for making and receiving calls. I do not find any person not conversant with the most popular phone ever existed in its mobile history that is Nokia 3310. Mobile reviewers and gurus still respect for the handset considering its long-lasting battery and unbreakable thing. The good news is 3310 coming back with all modified features.

It was originally released in year 2000 and five years after Nokia stopped producing it any more. No one could imagine the availability of its latest version after the seventeen years from its original launch date in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. It was the best-selling phone at its time with 126m units sold. Its battery was built with huge capacity lasts several days, relieved people to stick with the short battery timings.

The re-launch of Nokia 3310 is the pure initiative to encash the extreme popularity and good reputation of best selling phone in the recent times. HMD Global which enjoys exclusive rights to all phones under Nokia brand going to re-launch it at the price of €59. The manufacturers are intentionally focusing on European and North American consumers to take the best advantage of the handset popularity. Manufacturers expect huge revenue generation without backed by aggressive promotion & advertisement.

I am also personally waiting for this phone to be launched soon and give it a try. I can imagine would be great holding Nokia 3310 as a secondary phone for primary functions.

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