Nokia Seems To Be Coming Up With Foldable Smartphone As Per Patents

Nokia Foldable Smartphone

Is Nokia About to Launch Foldable Smartphone?

Patents confirm that Nokia may be launching foldable Smartphone in future which is un-precedent. A patent was filed by Nokia almost four years back in 2013 for “Foldable Smartphone”. It has already been granted by US Patent & Trademark office last year, confirmed by Phonearena. Nokia Foldable Smartphone seems to be a reality soon.

Nokia foldable Smartphone
Nokia foldable Smartphone

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It is designed similar to foldable pocket comb; the device consists of two parts connected by a hinge which makes it flexible and allows folding in and out. It has one same single display screen on both parts running along and can be bent on the closing of device. As per the patent states, It is a foldable and easily portable device with large screen. Nokia foldable Smartphone is definitely worth waiting device which needs to be launched soon.

Patent has also described the possibility of the size around 7 inches or may be larger for the portable Nokia Smartphone. The patent also reveals that the device having locking mechanism to make two parts connected with each other. This locking mechanism is similar to the laptop computers.

It is not only four years ago when Nokia filed for portable device for the very first time, they had been doing same since 2005. It seems that Nokia would also not come up with portable mobile phones any time soon and may still take years to be investing such devices. We have also come across the news about same technology is coming from Samsung, Apple and LG. Now, We need to wait and watch to see whether Nokia would be competent enough to be competing with such a big brands or be failing once again like launch of Windows phone.