Other Apps available of the Skype Kind

Skype is not the only app of its Kind
People have been facing several issues with the usage of Skype which contributes into complicating the situation instead of resolve the communication needs. It often has weak connection with the front camera on Smartphone, webcam on laptop and sometimes speakers and Mic as well. Most of the time the problem occur due to Skype’s own software error  but sometimes there is genuine hardware related issue which can resolve through rebooting the Windows or smartphone. Secondly, Skype has complicated credit balance system its Users often make complains of vanishing call credit balance from their account. Actually, Skype users who do not use credit balance for up to 180 days, it is automatically deactivated by the Support department and the credit balance is transferred to the virtual back room. There are also complains of weak International use and low voice quality which are also acknowledged by the Microsoft. This is a time to find and discuss about the similar apps available of Skype Kind.

Skype is believed to be replaced by the Tox in near future according to the expert’s opinions and reviews. Users have been seriously concerned about their data privacy in chat and while sharing files, Tox has been taken care of it very well through providing the encrypted system where all messages and data travels peer-to-peer instead of coming from central server. Skype used to be having the same data travelling system but after acquired by Microsoft, there is no more peer-to-peer system and but involvement of the main servers. Tox has attractive and user friendly interface for file sharing, messaging, video chat and other regular services expected from messenger software. It is a web-based application where only Tox users can make call each other without any charges. It has an advantage of being a secure messaging app over Skype.

WeChat is an application developed by the Chinese app developer and known for offering features in the combination of different social media apps such as Facebook, Skype, Instagram and Twitter. For Instance, WeChat enables its user posting the pictures on the profile area which resembles with Facebook wall. Another feature is in which WeChat users can chat with the other user who is geographically located near to each other. It has a unique feature called “Drift Bottle”, a user floats a message which keep floating till it is received by one of his contacts.

WeChat Interface

It is one of the oldest messaging applications available and still maintaining the high quality standards in the competition. It is even available on the older version of mobiles phone having Symbian and Java operating system. It is available on both computers and mobile phones for enjoying high quality calls and file sharing.  

ICQ Interface

Slack is little bit different app in comparison with other apps like Skype. It is an open platform which uses the third-party applications to support the communication between users. It has beautiful chat room with attractive Interface but Slack acquires the Drop box service for its user for file sharing function. Slack users can share web analysis report generated by DataDog. Use of third party application is not ended here; Slack is performing video and verbal communication function through Hangouts.  

Slack Interface



The best thing about Viber is its availability at all platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, IOS, Blackberry and Mac. When people are using Viber, there is higher probability of other person who needs to call on Viber, will also being having the Viber. Since, the common availability of 3G and 4G on the Smartphone, user does not bother making network calls and rather prefer to applications like Viber. It has same chat style like WhatsApp and enables user set the profile picture and share files.

Viber Interface

This article is showing the similar other apps to the Skype, these are the top voice apps available on IOS and Android Platform which supports the audio and video communication both.