Personal Assistant a New Tweak to change the Lock Screen Concept

personal assistant tweak

Personal Assistant Cydia Tweak

Personal Assistant is the new tweak available which is claimed to be having the features would be available in seven different tweaks. This tweak is interacted with the IOS system in several ways and designed as highly customized. It is available to download from Cydia and its cost is $4.99. Lets start the discussion about what is the special in this tweak, First of all, It allows the user to get rid of boring Lock Screen which only shows the Clock and Notification on the screen. Every mobile user will be agreed with that, they have been bearing the typical Lock Screen for long time. Once the Personal Assistant has been installed, it brings the new display on lock screen and shares the variety of information in bits such as battery status, weather report, reminders, alerts, recently used applications and favorites. All this information is displayed on the Lock Screen and user do not have to be spending extra time in seeing things separately. It also looks great and make the display more beautiful and interesting.     


It needs to discuss about its configuration which can be possible in countless ways. A user can set the each feature of tweak individually or combine depended upon him. If you want to try the best tweaks combination and apply the best configuration of the Personal Assistant application and you have much time to do the same, this tweak is definitely for you. In my opinion, this tweak worth a try and the one who has Jailbroken in his Apple device, must give it a try as it will only cost $5. The important thing to mention here is, this tweak will be working in IOS 8 and IOS 9 both, its few features may not be working in the latest IOS versions. It cost slightly higher than the other tweaks because it has multiple features in the same tweak.