Pokemon Go Became Fast Downloading Gaming App In Its First Week

pokemonPokemon Go craze does not seem to be end in near future and rather people are likely to be in the addiction zone for next couple of months. Apple has announced that Pokemon Go has broken all records of most downloads in the first week of game release. It is amazing because Pokemon Go is currently available to download in few countries like New Zealand, America, Australia and Now United Kingdom. It is soon going to be hit in the Japan premises and they will all be engagaed in catching Pokemon then. Its fever and addictions is speaking on its own and rest of the world is keenly waiting for Pokemon to be released in their respective countries.
It is quite surprising that when people are discussing about the maturity stage of gaming apps, there are still record-breaking gaming apps coming on the store. People are still ready to spend hard-earned bugs on games like Pokemon Go or it might be due to Augmented Reality phenomena which worked.
Associated big companies which somehow supports the gameplay of Pokemon Go is also coming up with new ideas. Microsoft has added a feature of “Pokemon Detector” which automatically spots and saved the screenshot in the OneDrive. Apple is making available a neat iPhone case which increases the efficiency of catching Pokemon and make it easier for players. Now, you can see that big companies like Microsoft and Apple are finding business opportunities out of the new craze Pokemon Go.


It is expected that Pokemon Go will defeat the other records in near future and currently it has snatched the active user time of other gaming apps. Other big gaming apps will definitely be affected which generates revenues when players spends for upgrading. Now, gamers shifted its focus towards Pokemon Go and start spending on it.