Best Pokemon Go Tracking / Radar Apps Like PokeVision For Android / iPhone

Poke Radar
Poke Radar

All Pokemon Go lovers knows that Pokevision went down by the Niantic and its authorities are also hunting down similar apps. People uses apps like Pokevision to find specific Pokemon without spending time and walking all around aimlessly which increases the game fun for users. Niantic does not care about that and do not want to these third-party apps to safe the Pokemon Go lovers from walking all around and spending time to find & catch Pokemon which enhances the game worth. I am sharing with you three best IOS and Android apps which helps you in tracking the Pokemon anywhere in the world.

PokeGear Go

PokeGear Go is one of the simplest finding and catching Pokemon app does not involve in complicated things. Once you download and launch the PokeGear Go app in the Smartphone, It automatically finds your location and accordingly displays the all near Pokemon around you on the map. This app features the full Pokedex means shows all available Pokemon within your proximity and you can go there and catch them easily. For Instance, you are looking for Rhyhorn Pokemon very badly, you need to click on Pokedex and its picture there. PokeGear Go app shows you on the map by Zooming Out that where can you find Rhyhorn Pokemon. PokeGear Go apps directs you with the desiring Pokemon and you can go there catching it.

PokeGear Go app may be bit confusing due to its interface similar to Pokedex. There are few useless buttons on the top of the left having no functions. Overall, you will find the PokeGear Go app very useful to perform its Pokemon radar functions.

Poke Radar
Poke Gear Go


GoRadar apps were developed in order to achieve the same purpose of tracking of specific Pokemons, GoRadar offers tons of new features comparing to PokeGear Go app. You can go to the settings to toggle down the all undesirable Pokemon, then app only shows desirable Pokemon and let you go straight to them, It enhances the efficiency of catching the rare Pokemon for you. You can label all ordinary Pokemon as “Common”, app will disregard its existence and shows you only rare ones. This is the amazing feature introduced in GoRadar safes your time.

Its other feature shows you the distance of Pokemon located from you in meters, also send you notifications when your favorite Pokemon exist within the close proximity. You do not need to launch the Pokemon Go app all the time and keep seeing whether or not any rare Pokemon lies within the close proximity, rather you will be alerted with the notifications. This feature in GoRadar is also not available in PokeGear Go.

Poke Radar
Go Radar App

This app will not show the exact shape of how actually Pokemon looks like due to copyright issues. Therefore, you have to see the Pokemon and recognize it carefully to get the most out of this app. I have used several similar apps like GoRadar, but honestly saying this one is my favorite.

Poke Radar

Poke Radar is the only app in this kind asks you to pay for it ($.99). Its basically an information sharing app on the basis its user can easily find specific Pokemon. For Instance, you found the Snorlax on 42nd Street and did not catch it, you share this information on the server with others. They can come and catch it here using the information sharing Poke Radar app. This is an app features beautiful and user friendly interface. One thing need to mention here is that, when hundreds of Pokemon around you while using Poke Radar app, it can start get lagging due to overload on servers.

Poke Radar has become one of the most downloading app in the App Store and users find it really useful. Once Poke Radar app is downloaded and launched, you can see the map of other Pokemon Players within you close area, when you see a Pokemon on the map and tap, It tells the username of the founder and date when found it. When you actually visit the place for catching Pokemon there and unfortunately do not find it, you can vote down to help others in future. This is the biggest flaw in Poke Radar app that you never can be sure about whether or not Pokemon will be there when you reach at the point. Poke Radar is a good information sharing app but It does not send the notifications to inform that specific Pokemon is in your range now.

Poke Radar
Poke Radar

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