Prisma App is Available on Android and IOS Both

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You will be definitely seeing the painted mode pictures of your friends, relatives and colleagues on Facebook and other social media. Yes, Prisma the new photo filter app has been released on Android and people are applying its photo filters on their own pics. Prisma app is released almost one month ago on IOS and got succeeded in large number of downloads within few hours. All pictures on which its photo filter applied are going to be liked by millions of people on Facebook.

Prisma App
Prisma App
Prisma app has definitely got a huge hype on social media and probably going to be having maximum number of downloads for any app in photo filter category. It was available in the Android beta version first, someone managed leaking Prisma apk file which resulted in their servers got abundant traffic in one time and they had to turn the service down for everyone.  


People who are underground and not having access to internet, they are the only one who do not know about Prisma photo filter app, otherwise everybody knows. There are several other similar apps available on IOS and Android store, what makes it better than others. The answer is its painting filters and these Paintings are created by great painters like Da Vinci, Picasso and all known painters. Other similar apps never got such hype like Prisma is enjoying. It is quite easy in use as you have to choose the picture and select the photo filter want to apply. 

There are several artistic filters and each filter represents the good art work / Paintaings created by famous painters mentioned earlier. The third option is setting the filter strength which could be high or low. You need to make sure that having strong internet connection because it takes time. Once you apply the photo filter, it gets uploaded on the servers, then the whole image conversion process and show you final output. Prisma app is available totally free and we are really curious in knowing that whether it would be able to competing with other thousands of apps got released every day or its hype is a matter of few days. Regardless anything, Prisma app is one of the must downloading apps available on IOS and Android PlayStore.