RDP Thinbook Review: Price, Specifications and Features

RDP Thinbook
RDP Thinbook

RDP Thinbook Review:

Now, there are budgeted laptops available under the price of Rs. 15,000 and especially designed for Internet and other light work usages. These laptops are good for students who need laptops for making the projects and assignments on Microsoft Office or to be engaged in Internet surfing for research work. These laptops can also be used as secondary Computer when high-end laptop is already there at home.

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook is one of the examples for such laptops having low-end specifications and its screen size is also 11 inches. These budgeted laptops available under Rs. 10,000 are not having larger screen than 11.6 inches.

We will be discussing about new budgeted laptop launched by Indian Hyderabad based company name RDP. They launched a new laptop model name is ThinBook (1430) available at the price of Rs. 9,999. It has same specifications like other similar budgeted laptops and its screen size is 14.1 Inches.

Design of RDP ThinBook and Its Build

RDP ThinBook is positioning itself as a cheap laptop with low end specifications without misleading the consumers. Surprisingly, this cheap laptop does look good and decent even considering its small price. It is made of good quality plastic and fitting & finishing is also amazing. Its dimensions are same as the dimensions of Ultrabook, Its thickness is around 20mm and laptop weight is 1.4kg.

RDP Thinbook
RDP Thinbook

Picture Credit: gadgets360.com


It has 14.1 inches display and resolution size is 1366 x 768 pixel with decent color reproduction. A user can enjoy watching videos at higher resolution on this laptop. Commenting on its angles, vertical viewing angle is not good but horizontal viewing angle provides the good sight ability. User can also enjoy the appropriate level of brightness of the picture but its keyboard lacks the shortcuts for adjusting the brightness level.

RDP ThinBook (1430) enables the users to have various options of connectivity such as USB 3.0, USB 2.0, micro SD card slot, Mini HDMI, headphones socket and charger socket. One connectivity feature missing which is availability of full-sized SD card slot, RDP should have avoided micro SD card slot for full-sized. Its tracking performance is really disappointed due to lack of surface smoothness. It is also causing user is not able using multi-finger gestures. The quality of trackpad buttons is also not good which takes the user an effort to press them.

RDP Thinbook
RDP Thinbook

Picture Credit: gadget360.com

 Its keys are well spaced out which provides the easy typing experience without committing a typo error. LED Status is also placed on the keyboard to inform the user about the status of CapsLock, Num Lock and Power button. Its stereo speakers are placed at the bottom of laptop. RDP ThinBook (1430) can be bent backwards on the 180 degree which enables user typing in any body position while holding the laptop. Its power adaptor is having the power of 12.5W which makes it slightly larger than the power adaptor of Smartphone.

Features & Specifications of RDP ThinBook

The specifications of RDP ThinBook (1430) is impressive considering its price, It is powered by Intel Atom x5-Z8300 SoC. Its quad-core chip is running on 1.4GHz and can use the turbo ability to reach at 1.8GHz on the demand of workload. Its fabrication process is using its build on 14nm which keeps the laptop cool while the processing.

RDP Thinbook
RDP Thinbook

Picture Credit: gadget360.com


RDP ThinBook (1430) is having 2GB of RAM and 32GB of eMMC for flash storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has MicroSD card slot available which can extends its internal memory up to 128GB. RDP ThinBook (1430) is having a VGA webcam and its video quality is not bad.

It is pre-installed with Windows 10 and uses the 32-bit, It is also available with DOS version as well.

Performance of the RDP ThinBook (1430)

Windows performance is good but lack of smoothness sometimes. You may deal with the stutter on the screen even while doing very basic tasks such as resizing the windows, but this stutter is hardly noticeable. We also notice some  weird behavior for the laptop such as when we command to run the search box, It forced us to restart the laptop. While copying the files from hard drive to USB drive, it lost the connection and stopped copying the files for two minutes before resume.

The good thing is reboot time is very fast and it does not take much time in restarting the Windows.

RDP Thinbook
RDP Thinbook

Picture Credit: gadget360.com

It is time to share the benchmark standards and its score for the RDP ThinBook (1430). According to the PCmark 8, the returned score of RDP ThinBook (1430) are 1354, 1390 and 1329 for Creative, Work and Home test suites. These benchmark scores are not impressive but It is quite under stable that what we can expect from budgeted laptop available under 10,000. The benchmark result shows that flash storage does not offer good read and write performance. Furthermore, It is not good at copying the files from external sources to internal memory of laptop.

Its track-pad is not highly sensitive and cursor does not follow the input when you use left mouse button for dragging the files. The display of RDP ThinBook (1430) is not impressive for reading the files because its text appears jagged, though this laptop is good for watching videos.

RDP Thinbook
RDP Thinbook

Picture Credit: gadget360.com

Its speakers offers you listening music in loud audio but not at high quality of music. Its right speaker is louder than the left speaker and this unbalance sounds really odd. The good thing about RDP ThinBook (1430) is ability of handling decoding 4K videos.

According to the claims of RDP, Its battery life is eight hours and its true. According to the test conducted by PCMark 8’s, its battery timings are 7 hours and 57 minutes.


RDP ThinBook (1430) is a best option for having large screen laptop in the price range under Rs. 10,000. Though, It makes you compromising on several features but what can we expect from this cheaper laptop. RDP ThinBook (1430) is available with nice finishing, light weight and thin size which is easy to carry. Its display is good for watching high quality videos and even supports the 4K videos as well.


  • Cheap Price
  • Eight Hours Battery Life
  • Windows 10 Installed
  • Supports 4K Videos
  • High Quality Finishing


  • Slow rate of read / write files
  • Audio Quality is Weak
  • Track-pad is not satisfactory

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