Idea offers Re 1/ 4G Data Plan Only For One Hour and Giving Back Tough Competition to Reliance Jio

Re 1/ 4G Data
Re 1/ 4G Data

Reliance Jio brought a revolution in Indian telecom industry which also led the competitors started making compelling offers to its subscribers for retaining and sustaining business. Reliance’s competitors are also competing back and reducing the 4G tariffs and also coming up with attractive 4G data plans. All big telecom companies have been stressed reducing tariffs under the competition. Indian telecom services consumers are enjoying the free market telecom industry in India.

Reliance Jio has recently cut down its telecom tariffs up to 67% on its 3G and 4G data plans. After the significant price cut in the data plans, now 10GB data limit on 3G / 4G data is available at the price of Rs. 990, 2GB Rs. 349 and 3GB at Rs. 649.

Besides this, Ideal has also launched special freedom packs which enable its prepaid user using Internet on 2G data at the price of Rs. 100 per 300MB.

Re 1/ 4G Data
Re 1/ 4G Data

Its competitors have indeed lowered its data prices but still unable winning subscribers back from Reliance Jio. The reason is its data plans are designed better in order to meet the individual consumer need.

Competing back to the success of Reliance Jio, Idea comes up with new idea of data plan Re 1/ 4G data plan.

How useful is idea’s Re 1/ 4G data plan?

This data plan increases the temptation of data user and seems like subscribers would be back to its data service for subscribing the Re 1/ data plan. One better thing is you can use the 4G data without any limit for Rs. 1. This plan validates using the unlimited 4G data only for one hour and consumer can get its all temptation out within one hour.

Idea Telecom Company has also mentioned that fair usage policy will also be applied and same cellular number will not be qualified for subscribing Re 1/ 4G data plan again. Furthermore, this offer is only valid for the existing idea customers using the 4G SIM on the Smartphone supporting the 4G data feature.

How to activate the Re 1/ 4G data plan?

As soon as you qualify the all criteria for subscribing the Re 1/ 4G data plan, you need to dial 411 and will be received by instructions on your mobile, take the things accordingly as per instructions. You must be having at least Re 1/ talk time / balance in your phone.