Reliance Jio Soon Starts Offering 6-Series Numbers To Meet Growing Number of Subscribers

6-series Reliance Jio SIM

Reliance Jio is approaching its ambitious goal of enjoying at least 100 million customers on its network very well. By the end of November 2016, they had gained 25 million customers and subscriber’s growth rate is still increasing and not tends to be declined soon. Initially Welcome Offer was made to be ended in December 2016 but it extended till March 2017 in order to cater free telecom services to valuable customers for another three months. Despite the issues of Internet speed and drop calls on Reliance Jio, its subscribers are still growing every day without any problem.

Reliance is soon expected to be offering 6-series numbers to its customers.



Soon Reliance Starts Offering 6-series Numbers

Telecom Department in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Assam zones have allotted the new MSC codes in the 6-series numbers to Reliance Jio. It enables the Giant sized Telecom Company to start issuing the SIMs which first digit begins from number “6”.

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The reason behind issuing the new series of codes is meeting the growing number of users; it will be assigned to almost one million users. The new series has been issued on the request of service providers.


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Reliance still believes in offering the “Wow” factor to its customers. There is huge demand for Reliance Jio’s SIMs that even retail outlets started restricting the number of SIM cards sold each day to 10. Anyone can be issued with the Jio’s SIM card having his Aadhar card and bar codes.