How to Remap Bixby Button To Launch Google Now Instead of Bixby, An AI Created By Samsung

Remap Bixby Button
Remap Bixby Button

Samsung has launched its latest flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ to its huge loyal customer base. The launch got all the attention and everyone talking about this which quite understandable, considering its amazing features such as minimal bezels and a gorgeous edge to edge display. All of its new useful features got the deserved hype but experts showed skepticism behavior towards its dedicated Bixby button before its launched. Tech Gurus and experts were having an opinion on Bixby button that it’s Samsung useless idea of replicating the Google feature one more time through providing a dedicated hardware button on the phone. Users may not be having any doubts to stick with using Google Now, especially when it does not offer voice support. Let’s discuss about how to be using “Google Now” on Samsung latest flagships devices instead of stay with Bixby which remains useless for many people.

How to Remap Bixby Button   

  1. A Brief History of Remapping the Bixby Button

There have been lots of developments made before it comes to remapping the Bixby button. Users did find it something interesting and useful about Bixby button, developers also preferred its remapping to enhance its functionality and potential which now enables the user to have quick access to anything on your phone. Its Developers did an excellent work for remapping the Bixby button which is now more powerful.

  1. Remap Bixby Button to Google Now

After the software update which made the “key up” and “key down” events, which would be using before reaching Accessibility Services. This new update ruined the solution invented by developers so that remapping the Bixby button could be possible. Thanks to the “Dave Bennett”, an Android developer who comes up with an app that would be used for launching Google Now every time user presses and holds the Bixby button. How can you remap Bixby button discussed in the following:

  • BixRemap app is available at Play Store free of cost, install and launch it. This app needs an access on Usage Data, therefore takes you automatically to the Setting page. User needs allow Usage Data Access to the app.
Remap Bixby Button
Remap Bixby Button
  • In the main screen, an option available “Start Service”, need to tap on it. User can also tap on “Stop Service” button in case need to have an access on Bixby instead of Google Now.
remap bixby button
Remap Bixby Button

Nothing else is left to follow. Now when you press Bixby button and it will launch Google Now instead of Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+.

The app offers clever solution through running Bixby on background and launching Google Now over it. It shows up Bixby screen for fractions of second and then appears Google Now as you want it.

Disable the BixRemap Notification

Every solution comes up with drawbacks, this one lets you suffer from persistent notifications on your screen. We are expecting that developers release the new update which removes all these notifications, for the time being need to follow this method to stop receiving the notifications.

  • Go to Settings – > Notifications
Remap Bixby Button
Remap Bixby Button
  • Now, need to turn off the toggle next to “BixRemap”.
Remap Bixby Button
Remap Bixby Button

It will block the all Notifications coming from BixRemap on the phone, still needs an update which presents the elegant solution for the problem.

Feature Updates in BixRemap

BixRemap is an app with the active developers available all the time on the Reddit thread who are highly dedicated to this app. They respond back on any suggestions and recommendations coming from users side, which shows commitment level at its best. We may be expecting having new updates and features added by its developers, these updates likely to be mentioned in the following.

  • Launch of the boot option, it enables the user to have an access on Google Now on permanent basis, it can be very effective in remapping for permanent, until user himself disable the option.
  • User will be allowed to make more customization for the Bixby Button. This is going to be one of the greatest update in future.
  • Another update will be launched to increase polling time in an effort to reduce the delay it takes when Bixby screen is replaced by Google Now.
Remap Bixby Button to Google Now with BixRemap

BixRemap app enables the user easily launching the Google Now on Galaxy S8 and S8+, instead of Bixby. All the previous updates has been disable being used for assigning specific functionalities to the Bixby button. Now, it makes available all the useful updates which become BixRemap quite well functioning app which provides the useful solution to the owners of Galaxy S8 and S8 devices.

You can share your comments and opinions on the app which provides the solution of Remap Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button to Google Now. Do you find Remap Bixby Button is an effective solution now through the recommended app?