Rocket League Cross-Platform is Waiting For Sony’s Approval!

rocket league 1
If you are football and car racing games fan, you will have the double doze of fun while playing Rocket League. Yes, you are right it’s a new game concept where you have to occupy the football through racing and turning around your car. You can play Rocket League online with the other players available. It would be really challenging positioning your car in right direction after snatching the ball and leading to the goal area of the opponents, you can never imagine how difficult the control over Rocket car as it does not go straight without putting efforts. I would recommend you playing Rocket League if you have not played yet, though it is released one year ago.
You can play Rocket League in Cross-Platform  
Yes, It is one of the great news for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 lovers that they are close to be playing Rocket League in Cross-Platform once approval is made by the Sony. Since, there is a typical rivalry between Xbox and PS4 fans who sets the own priorities and make a choice of console whether PS4 or Xbox. When, they come across through the Rocket League shared platform, they can show each other that are good at this highly exciting game. It should be a scoreboard with the score showing of Xbox & PS4 separately. For Instance, Xbox owner wins the game, it would count as Xbox score on scoreboard. This feature can add the new life in Rocket League Cross-Platform.
Currently, the situation is all arrangements have been made to make the Cross-Platform functioning within few hours. Xbox already showed its consent and now ball in the goal of Sony’s management. Once approval is made, it is a matter of time to propagate the Rocket League all over the world.
This is a first time when online contest going to be held between gamers belongs to different platforms and they never imagined playing any game in competing with each other. Sony is taking a while because it needs to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made before Rocket League is propagated online. Sony is known for seriously considering its fans demands and make them fulfilled. So do not worry guys, we do not expect Sony to disapprove the Rocket League Cross-Platform.  
So far, there are no sources in a position to confirm that Sony has approved it and till then no option except waiting. Microsoft Xbox’s has positioned itself as the platform which respects its fans demand and take no time making it possible things like Cross-Platform functioning of Rocket League. It may help the Xbox taking the lead from Sony’s PS4 in this regard and they should not have been taken much time in the approval.


Anyways, there is almost no chances of Sony’s disapproval about arrange the Rocket League game on Cross-Platform and once it is done. Everybody is going to be rushing into playing Rocket League online with the competitor available on opposite console either Xbox One or PS4.