Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Be Available in Europe From 28th October

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also going to be launched in Europe on 28th October 2016 and now they can also use Samsung’s flagship device finally. Its sales will be having full completion of the exchange programme.

Earlier there were plans to launch Galaxy Note 7 in Europe on September 2nd but officially it had to be cancelled in the face of complains were coming from all over the world regarding its combustion and burning issues. Its battery explosion caused severe injuries of customers and Samsung had to reschedule its whole launch plan because its Goodwill was at stake.

According to the Samsung officials, they confirm that general sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be started in Europe on October 28th, depending on the full completion of exchange programme. Before the first release of Note 7 and its defects revealed all over the world, It was said to be the finest device ever manufactured by Samsung. But, battery explosions ruined everything and now lost its huge market value. Still, there are large number of satisfied customers of Galaxy Note 7 who has received the new non-explosion version of Note 7.

Since the exchanges began, there have been 57 percentages of Note 7 handed over in Europe. The same exchange rate is 60 percentages in South Korea and America. Singapore is leading with more than 80 percentage return rate where Samsung market got damaged more than anywhere else.