Samsung Galaxy S8 Would Likely To Be Featuring Stylus and 8GB RAM

Samsung galaxy s8
Samsung galaxy s8

Samsung needs to come back with new amazing device which features unbelievable specs in order to remove the bad impression of its explosive Note 7. Samsung Galaxy S8 is that device which helps them to revive the fans confidence on the brand. They want to see “wow” expression on users which demands extra-ordinary features over existing flagship phones. We may expect that upcoming device comes up with 3D touch-like functionality instead of navigation keys. It is also expected to be featuring with super AMOLED bezel-less display. According to the comparison video of Galaxy S8 case gives the hint that may also operatable with Stylus for Galaxy S8.

A case comparison video of Samsung Galaxy S8 hints for Stylus

The YouTube video is created on Galaxy S8 case for making its comparison which shows that the phone does not feature dual-cameras since the case is not designed to fit in the dual-cameras. When the case was turned upside down to see all over, noticed the exact same space needed for S Pen. It is clearly indicating about Galaxy S8 may come up with a stylus which is unprecedented in Galaxy series but they do for Galaxy Note series.

It is early to comment on whether people are going to like the stylus idea or will not accept it. All we can say is, whatever has been associated with the Note Series of devices could not get the user satisfaction for same introduced in Galaxy. To achieve the “wow” factor, we may imagine that Korean based giant company Samsung can cross all extents to win the consumer confidence back. Why would not they want to? After all, Smartphone is one of the most lucrative industries in the world.

In addition to rumored stylus and 3d touch-like functionality instead of hardware navigation keys, Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to introduce Bixby, a new digital assistant going to replace S Voice and will first be launched on it. Bixby is believed to be more advanced and better integrated into its app ecosystem. Samsung Galaxy S8 is also expected to have 2K resolution display and powered by 8GB of RAM. The last impressive thing about Samsung Galaxy S8 is its screen-to-body ratio of about 90%.

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