Samsung Gear S3: Release Date, New Features and Upgraded Hardware

Gear S3
Gear S3

Samsung released its Smart watch in the name of Gear S2 which offers a high quality and numerous functions competing at par with the Apple watch. It’s a time to talk about Samsung’s upcoming Smart watch Gear S3. Rumors and leaked news are spread about its new model which needs to be shared with you.
According to the SamMobile, It will be released in the same IFA 2016 and will be available in three different variants unlikely its predecessor having two variants. These three variants are named such as Classic, the Frontier and the Explorer. The first variant is quite normal, but last two variants shows that Samsung made a Smartphone for its adventurous customers to meet similar needs. It might be a campus for travelers or map something.
The Gear S3 will also have the same OS as its predecessor having, it means Tizen. There was a beautiful bezel wrapped around the Gear S2 as designed to complement the OS and also supporting for the easy navigation.
Sources confirmed that Gear S3 will almost have the same design as its predecessor had. According to the Mashable, Its Explorer variant will have two buttons placed on Smart watch for improving accessibility to the apps and one for using it as a stopwatch.
According to the TechRadar, they told about the strong expectation Gear S3 is having 1.5 GB RAM which sounds good because Gear S2 was having 1GB RAM and lots of customers made complains about its laggy screen while using high-end apps such as Maps.
Samsung Gear S3 is not limited to providing its support to only Samsung phones, but provides support to all android phones installed with 4.4.2. or above version. Its compatibility with the other Android devices is not as good as other Android Wear 2.0 is having.
Samsung Gear S3 is a latest upcoming Smart watch with the various features such as barometer, speedometer and altimeter. It supports your adventurous needs as discussed above, you can run all around while checking on the running speed, how much distance you covered and also able to find the wind direction anytime.