Data Recovery From Samsung’s SD Card Is Possible On Mac

SD Card
SD Card

Have you been in a situation when you had to recover the lost data from SD Card, you would definitely agree with the fact that it is hell of a job especially when Its Samsung’s SD Card. It is a most common mistake accidentally deleting the files and restoring from the trash bin. A worst scenario happens in the absence of trash bin and data recovery becomes quite difficult job. In the scenario, you need to perform the card recovery as a solution for restore the lost data.

I will be presenting a solution for how to recover data from performing the card recovering process in the system. This is a solution only for recovering data from Samsung SD Card.

SD Card
SD Card

You may be heard about “Wondershare” a known name serving its large number of customers through offering the various tools to meet different needs of computer user. They also designed a tool for card recovery as you restore the whole lost data with its help from Samsung SD Card on Mac.

Wondershare Data Recovery is an amazing tool with following features:

#1 Easy-to-User-Interface

Its user friendly interface makes this tool easy for the user to perform the SD card recovery without spending much time before get to know about where the process starts from. Wondershare Data Recovery tool gives the step-by-step instructions which even enable the basic computer user to restore the lost data using this tool.

#2 Versatile Data Recovery Solution

Though, we are discussing about how it recovers data from Samsung SD Card, It is important to know that Wondershare data recovery tool enables the user for card recovery from any location of your device where data is saved. It means you do not need to be worried about even deleting the important files accidently till you have access to Wondershare Data Recovery Software.

#3 Supports All Operating Systems   

Article is stating about how to recovering the data from SD card on Mac, It does not mean this tool is only available for Mac operating system but you can also make an attempt for card recovery on Windows system.

#4 Compatible with Various File Formats   

Its compatibility is not limited to the limited file formats but enables users recovering all formats of data such as Jpg, mp3, mp4, avi, pdf and many more formats. It is common saving the songs, movies, pdf files and mp3 songs in Samsung SD Card to make the best use of Smartphone, Wondershare Data Recovery Software helps you with all formats of file you deleted accidently.

#5 Trial Period

You can use its trial version for limited time period which gives you access to its premium features for SD card recovery, scanning the files, giving security alerts and other features. You should make the most out of it during trial period to decide whether buy it or not.

#6 Preview Panel

Its preview panel enables the user selecting the one file before recovering it from SD Card. A user can encounter a situation in which he might have same format of various files that makes user get confused as which file need to be recovered from SD card. Preview panel will make you see the all files before selecting the right one.

How Is Recovering Data From Samsung SD Card Possible?

Thousands of people have to face this issue on daily basis and it needs to be answered. First of all, it involves the use of Wondershare data recovery tool needs to be download. You need to take following steps in order to make possible successful SD card recovery.

Step 1: In the first step, you need to download it and installing on your system. You may purchase its full version for continuous usage.

Step 2: You have to choose one data retrieval process out of five. Yes, data card recovery is possible through these five steps.

SD Card Recovery
SD Card Recovery

Partition Recovery:

You might be having damaged or erased partition on your Mac device, it recovers data from such partitions.

Raw Recovery:

Data loss happens most of the time due to virus attacks on the hard disk, Raw recovery feature will meet your needs most in order to retrieve data lost due to infected hard disk with virus.

Lost File Recovery:

This data retrieval method allows you retrieving the deleted files with entering the file name in search bar.

Wizard Mode:

Wizard mode starts the data recovery process from Samsung SD card according to the instructions on immediate basis.

Wizard mode is the most suitable SD card recovery method.

Step 3: You need to plugin the Samsung SD Card into the Mac computer and open the file manager folder. You need to select the same as in this window.

SD Card Recovery
SD Card Recovery

Step 4: You have to select the file type through clicking on its drop down menu. There is probability of not remembering the time when you accidentally deleted the file, you need to turning on the Scanning mode which determines its date for you. It makes the SD card recovery easy for you.

Step 5: After a few seconds, it shows up all the files with the preview panel helps in selecting the right file. You need to select one file and press the recover button, it all happens automatically.

SD Card Recovery
SD Card Recovery

All the process of recovering SD card is completed in five steps discussed above. Now, you should all know that how to retrieve the lost data from Samsung SD card in several ways. Wondershare recovery tool is the best software must recommend to everybody engaged in similar problem means accidentally deleted or lost the files due to virus. You can use its trial version for retrieving limited files during its trial period but you should buy it if nature of your work does not allow you losing the important work files accidentally or any other reason.


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