Skype Support’s Ends on Windows and Android Phones By October 2016

Skype's support
Skype's Support

It has been confirmed that Skype will not be functioning on Windows Phone having 8 and 8.1 version, the deadline was not shared earlier but now can see its date on Skype’s support page which shows October 2016. It means using Skype on Windows Phone is only possible till October 2016 and moving onward will have to pay for it.

Android phones owners should not be happy because same news applies for Android as they will also not be able using Skype and its free support on Android devices as well by the end of 2016.

You must be asking why Microsoft is doing this and becoming so harsh with the Smartphone users, actually the decision is made with business point of view. According to the senior officials of Microsoft, they said that Skype is about to start enhancing its focus on providing the high quality support to other platforms which makes only possible through providing Skype’s support to limited platforms. Therefore, we have to stop offering the Skype’s support on Android and Windows phones, which reduces the focus.