How to Play Snake Game on Facebook Messenger App Like Football and Basketball – Nokia Announced Snake Game on FB Messenger

Snake Game
Snake Game

Facebook Messenger offers hidden games inside its app like Football and Basketball. There is a new addition in the hidden games list and that is Nokia’s Snake game.

Nokia announced on 26th February 2017 about the availability of its Snake game on Facebook Messenger, play and enjoy it. The game is quite simple just needs to be following the steps below, also need to make sure having latest version of the Messenger app.

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Snake Game

How to Play Snake Game on Facebook Messenger

  1. First of all, user needs go to the Google Play / App Store and update the Facebook Messenger app on latest version.
  2. Select a new chat from the contacts lists on the user’s account.
  3. A user has to be from one of the 30 countries where Instant Games are available. If it is, he can see the small gamepad controller in the feature strip, right next to the GIF icon, this is where a user needs to tap on.
  4. Here is a list of Instant Games and need to press on Snake game. You need to set the higher score for challenging the buddy to beat your score. Its controls are very simple and fun to play especially when you challenge the friend.

Nokia Snake game is not playable on older version of Facebook Messenger app.


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