SoundCloud is being launched in United Kingdom competing against Spotify


Sound Cloud is competing Spotify
A SoundCloud is one of the highest subscriber’s music platform in the world and people like it because it gives the access to millions of sound tracks. It is being launched in the United Kingdom and offering its paid music service by subscribe it. Its name is SoundCloud Go in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Its subscribers have to pay £9.99 monthly to access the 125 million tracks. Currently, SoundCloud has a strong competition against the Spotify and Apple Music all over the world. Its paid version enables the users to enjoy the millions of sound track album which can also be enjoyed while remain offline. A free version is coming with the audio advertisement and profiles will also be promoted on its display. A free version will be available up to third days’ time period.

It was launched in the 2008 and since then, it has become a favorite online music platform for DJ’s and struggling bands who finds this platform useful for reaching their talent to the millions of subscribers. Its subscribers are not limited to listening music to known bands, they also enjoy the music created by some totally new bands and singers. This platform has introduced a new talent which could not even find any such platform otherwise.


The company had $700 million value in the year 2014 and they are in the efforts to increase its annual business revenues to further enhance the net worth. It is a big challenge to set the appropriate fare when the market is already dominated by Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. There is a single important feature in SoundCloud which others do not have, Artists can create their account on SoundCloud to share the own created music with the world and this account can also be connected with the Twitter. This is the good way to establish the connection between artists and fans. Spotify, Apple Music and neither Tidal offers this feature. According to the management, this music platform is also going to be launched in other countries as well.