Split Screen Gaming Matter of Past Reference For the Future Generation

Splitscreen Gaming
Splitscreen Gaming

When we have big enough TV’s to enjoy the racing games on split screen, when each split screen is bigger than the full screens used to be having back in early 20’s and now they have gone away with the split screen idea.

  • RIP splitscreen challenges over pizzas.
  • Build up the leagues and teams for Splitscreen games.
  • No more fighting over the controllers with the soft buttons.

This is all because gaming console cannot support the split screen any more. Two players game challenge will be held one by one by rendering the whole game twice. It’s because PS4 cannot render the graphics on splitscreen and do not announce its support anymore. Developers need to create and support the games on higher resolution as TVs are getting bigger, rather they totally discarded the idea of splitscreen.

People buys the second controller for the gaming partner to enjoy the contest on splitscreen games. Now, why do we have to buy the other controller when splitscreen is no more and left with all good memories. I guess, PC gaming will be more in demand now because not splitscreen problems and allow to having the gaming partner who might used to be your best friend.

Technically the problem lies in when you want to have two split screens at 60 fps with 1080p while using not up to the market hardware. Gaming rigs can make it possible but the thing is there is no market for split screen PC gaming. Therefore, we have to be waiting until Sony builds the graphics cards of 9xx and 10xx series which can handle the split screen at such higher resolution. We also have left with other option which makes us water down the all latest 1080p games and bring them back at 540p for split screen. Nintendo is the only gaming console doing the same and coming up with splitscreen for their latest gaming titles. No doubt, Nintendo puts more focus on gameplay rather compromising it due to resolution.