Spotify launches video streaming service


Spotify is the music streaming app available on both platforms Android and IOS. They were in the process of diversifying its services and add the video streaming feature; good news is it’s just a matter of days now. They recently announced the video streaming channel service on Spotify which offers the content from big publishers such as ESPN, Comedy Central, ABC, Vice Media, BBC and many more. Spotify had been trying make available video streaming service for last year but unexpected announcement made is definitely in competition with Apple Music.

Spotify subscribers can now have access to large number of video clips available in the library through navigating the “Browse” section, clicking on “Shows”, under the Shows a new option will be available in the name of “Video Shows”. Spotify subscribers can click on one of the available shows and enjoy the direct video streaming from the online library.
Apple Music is giving the tough competition to Spotify since its launch. It has also another emerging competition coming from Cupertino based music app which sooner or later expected to become the big competitor of Spotify. On the other hand, Apple Music was never competing hard with Spotify if it was not coming with video streaming service, a value added service which gives the competitive advantage over Spotify. Though, Spotify was engaged in the licensing process with big publishers mentioned above to make this new feature implemented, but it is hard to believe sudden announcement is not to do with competing back to Apple Music.
It is really difficult to anticipate how Spotify subscribers will receive this new feature when they have already video streaming facility available on YouTube as well. Apple Music played a strategy very well to compete with biggest video streaming channel YouTube as they will mostly make available exclusive content and official music videos in the library. Spotify has experimented number of video clips bundled in one theme naming such as “News of the Week” in which all related videos will be available for the subscriber. By the Way, the video service of Apple Music and Spotify is not even a minor threat to the YouTube.
These new video streaming feature can be roll out any time on Spotify app and all its subscribers just need to have some patience and keeping checking on the app whether it is available now or not yet.
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