Stalkscan Lets You Spy on Anyone on Facebook, a Powerful Tool Uses Facebook Search Engine


An ethical hacker name “Inti De Ceukelaire” has created a tool called Stalkscan which performs the spy function for you on Facebook. Stalkscan features the same power as one of the Facebook created tool called “Graph Search” forgotten by most of the people was initially launched in 2013. Stalkscan actually owns the power to highlight all of the information publically available for a particular profile. Stalkscan actually uses Facebook’s built in search which empowers the user to enjoy an access to any info available to your own profile, even it is not public. It does not break into the privacy of any Facebook user and rather only enjoys the access to information publically available by other user. For Instance, if someone has not accepted you as a Friend in the list, you cannot use this tool to see all of his posts shared within friends and not publically.

This is a tool developed with the motive to perform the search functions easily and make available all the accessed information in a specific manner. It improves the searching efficiency overall and saves the time.

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