How To Take the Snapchat Screenshot Possible Without Knowing the Sender


Snapchat is a growing photo sharing social networking app which allows the receiver to see the picture received for only ten seconds. This time limitation started a trend which made the receiver taking a Snapchat screenshot and save the picture in memory card. Snapchat users used to be sending awkward and even own personal weird pictures through Snapchat without any afraid of future reference because they know picture automatically deletes after ten seconds and there is no such functionality such as Snapchat save.

Snapchat Screenshot
Snapchat Screenshot

Once, People started taking Snapchat Screenshots and saving pictures memory card on permanent basis, Sender receives the message from Snapchat about this and they got to alert for next time. The thing is we are going to share about, how to take a Snapchat screenshot without the sender knowing.

Since, this is a Snapchat itself which informs the senders about Snapchat screenshot and we have to do something which does not let Snapchat send alert message to Sender about any Screenshot taken for the picture sent. This trick guarantees not notification received by sender about his / her Snapchat screenshot, but at the same time he / she will also be not notified about the picture are opened by that specific receiver, happening of this phenomena repeatedly can make the receiver suspicious for sender. Anyways, let’s find out and follow the steps involved in taking the Snapchat screenshot.

1) Do not open Snapchat (Only Load it!)

You have to open its app and then swipe right to get the access of the all received Snapchats. It automatically loads all the recently received Snapchat and displays the option of “open” to tap it. Be ensure you do not have to tab the open option and keep the Snapchat close.

2) Airplane Mode

You need to toggle the Airplane Mode one, once the Snapchat have been added. You need to do the same through Notification window if you have Android device, setting menu on the IOS devices.

3) Screenshot Time

After performing all the required actions suggested above, you have to tab it and open the Snapchat. Once it is open, take the Screenshot as you used to be earlier.

4) Close the app

This is the most critical step to achieve the purpose. You need to close the Snapchat app and also swipe the app to remove it even from background. Snapchat must close down even from background. Android users can do the same by accessing the multiple-tasking window and swipe the app out, whereas IOS users need to tab the home button twice and swipe it to close.

5) Turn-off the Airplane Mode

You may turn-off the Airplane mode after swiping out the app and removing it from the background. Now, you can go to the Snapchat app again for starting the socializing with your contacts. I would repeat one point again that sender may be suspicious to see that its picture is still not “opened” by you and then why are you using Snapchat for. Since, this app does not offer Snapchat save feature, sender may have prime suspect that may be receiver is in the effort of using technique of taking the Screenshot. If you do not have technically sound and prudent friends, they do not need to worry.

Use the Third-Party Apps For Taking Snapchat Screenshot Without Knowing the Sender

When Snapchat was launched on Android and IOS, there were thousands of other third-party Snapchat apps also started making available to the people. It would enable the user saving the all photos on coming on your Snapchat through taking Screenshot without sender being notified about this. On the event of Snapchat was hacked in October 2014, its management took a serious action against all these third-party apps and closed down. You may still find few these apps which you can use for taking Screenshots without the knowledge of sender. This is another way of making possible taking Snapchat screenshot.