All Tech Companies against Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban – They Showing Resistance

Tech Companies Against Donald Trump
Tech Companies Against Donald Trump

According to Reuters, several technology firms have planned a meeting in collaboration to support that lawsuit held against the immigration order issued last week. This immigration order passed by new American President Mr. Donald Trump which restricts the immigration process for 90 days from seven Muslim-majority countries. Since then, all tech companies have registered a protest against the idea and now a final execution of plan which is being called a “Muslim ban” in USA. All Tech Companies  against Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban can make a difference.

This meeting is going to be held to make sure raising a voice against this discriminated policy all together to make a difference. A meeting is called by GitHub, several tech companies are invited to discuss the issue. The Senior Executives of these companies will ensure their presence. Google, Dropbox, Airbnb, Cloudera Inc, Netflix, Evernote Corp, Automattic Inc, Adobe Systems, Medium, Mozilla, reddit, Yelp Inc, AdRoll, Pinterest and Cloudfare.

It has been reported that the meeting agenda is discussing about amicus brief. Amicus briefs are filed by parties who are not supposed to be litigants, but want to provide information to the judge in this case. The process of filing an amicus brief will be started from the first of next week.

The meeting presence has already been confirmed by AdRoll, Cloudflare and Box.

Expedia and Amazon have already filed declaration and showed the support for lawsuit made by Washington state attorney general. There are several other Councils in USA started filing a declaration against the Immigration order believed to unconstitutional. If all tech companies get together and file the case all in one, it would become such pressure group having extreme on its side.

As per the statement of Washington officials, these restrictions are in the better interest of national security. But the tech companies do not agree with the President policy.

The question is why tech companies are going extra-ordinary against the Muslims ban and Immigrant policy. They have huge dependence on the human resource came USA from all over the world. Several big tech giants reacted to Muslim Ban and used Twitter to share condemnable messages on the issue. All these tech companies are also providing the financial support to those organizations fighting against the Donald Trump immigrant policy. American Civil Liberties Unions have been reported receiving amount of Donations exceeds what these organizations normally receive.

All Tech Companies against Donald Trump seems to be a successful move.