The New Possibilities in Latest Series of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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title legendMario is no more Nintendo’s game with highest ambitious fans because now fans are crazier about the new series of The Legend of Zelda which is Breath of the Wild. It will be biggest game developed by Nintendo ever and releasing on the Wii U in the next year. In this game, there is a whole open world which contains mountains, beaches, meadows and other beautiful places. We are going to share with you all the new possibilities available in its game play which was never there in the previous series.
All Possibilities in the Game Play of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Game developers are claiming that there are endless possibilities in the new release game of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild because game developers have expanded its game play features which makes it more interesting comparing with the previous series.
Climbing Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
In the upcoming series of Legend of Zelda, player can climb on any surface finds in the environment to precede the game play and accomplish the mission. But, player needs to take care of maintaining his appropriate energy level to keep running and climbing, because both activities consume more energy.
Legend of Zelda
Climbing Possibility
Barter System in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
In the upcoming Legend of Zelda Series, transactions will be taken place on the basis of barter system because Rupees currency used to be used in previous series are not any more.
Set Bushes on Fire Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
Another amazing possibility in this game, a player can now set the bushes on fire for the torch purposes and creating the light. You may need using this possibility to find the required objectives in dark environment or cut off the path for the enemies. Gameplay is so real in this series of Legend of Zelda, that fire can be expanded into the environment influenced by strong wind and following wind direction.
Legend of Zelda
Set bushes on fire possibility
Remote Bombsin Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
You can also find the Remote Bombs in newest Legend of Zelda with unprecedented abilities. For Instance, a player can set the remote bomb besides the tree and explode it which crushes down the tree and so the enemy bokoblin. In the previous series, this much control over bombs was never offered.
Snowboarding Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
Link has also an ability of snowboarding through using his shield in the beneath. You can control its speed while managing your variety of attacks to kill the enemies. It is worth mentioning here that usage of Shield for the snowboarding will reduce its durability and overall life. All these possibilities are making this upcoming series of Legend of Zelda amazing and worth playing according to its game developers.
Legend of Zelda
Snowboarding Possibility
Paraglider Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
Paraglider is another possibility which was limited in previous series, but in newest series Paraglider has moved into next level. On the promotion this game was played by senior executive member, who showed that how Link got the help from Paraglider to kept himself safe from arrow shots by the enemies and took the height advantage. This shows Paraglider will help you in crossing and achieving the missions.
Legend of Zelda
Paraglider Possibility
Stealth Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
Good news for “Legend of Zelda’s lover who also likes Stealth mode in other games. This newest series is coming up with Stealth Mode where Link will have to be using his Stealth skills to accomplish missions and player can use a sound gauge to check how much sound is created by his moves to keep the enemy unaware of own presence. Link moves through the long grass and tree in the Stealth Mode and jump on them once reaches near to them. Meanwhile, player has to keep an eye on sound gauge to maintain the sound level before enemy get attentive and start shooting on you.
Legend of Zelda
Stealth Possibility
Wolf Link Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
There will be a Wolf Link amiibo who follows your commands and stay with you wherever you go in the mission. He will attack on your enemies and also snatch the food from people around and brings for you. His health is linked to your achievements and score you made while playing the Legend of Zelda.
Legend of Zelda
Wolf Link Possibility
Cooking Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
This series has made strong emphasis over the survival of the Link during game play and associate it with the Link’s cooking. He got the skills of cooking food which helps him in recovering the health and boosting up his level of stamina. It is important to mention here that cooking is the only source of recovering health which is unprecedented feature in Breath of the Wild. In the previous series, player has to find the heart dropped somewhere in the environment to recover health.
Legend of Zelda
Cooking possibility
Temperature Gauging Possibility in Newest Series of The Legend of Zelda
Although, this possibility or feature is not new but it was available in the previous series such as Ocarina of Time in which player was required to be wearing gadgets and surviving tool to avoid the abnormal temperatures. In the Breath of Wild, requirements have been totally changed because here temperature can be varied even room to room. This new series is presenting the Temperature Gauge possibility to make you consider that you need to change the environments and moving to somewhere new place. This is making the Legend of Zelda more dynamic game to fulfill the game play requirements.
Critics about the new series of Legend of Zelda
According to the critics, this game is revolutionary comparing with its previous series but comparing other games in different consoles, there is nothing new in it. Far Cry 4, Witcher 3, GTA 5 and other similar big games have offered the bigger world and possibilities. Gamers who also play games in PlayStation 4 and XBOX One will never find something revolutionary in Breath of the Wild. People are continuously saying that all these possibilities they have played in Witcher 3 and they are not much excited about it after knowing it’s all possibilities.