The Rock’s Wake Up Early App on IOS and Android

rock app

In these days, Rock is super active in Instagram and continuously positing about how important it is for him to wake up early in the morning and he wants to motivate everybody to do the same. He has created his own alarm clock app which sounds real weird and annoying, but effective to make him wake up early. It is currently available on Android and IOS for totally free and even free as in-app purchases so far. It is an app designed as an alarm and motivational tool both.

Once you download the app on the phone, you have to configure initially and set your goals, it might be lose the certain amount of weight or enhance the stamina for long running. The Rock Clock is an app will keep you reminding about your set goal, it will also wake you up on the set alarm time. Another surprising thing is especially for the Johnson fans, the alarm tone is created by himself and these are mostly consisting of the WWE based songs, all chanting and phrases. Mostly people will definitely like the alarm tone who likes him and overall WWE as a sports. It will be great source of motivation for the Johnson’s fans to set his alarm tone and wake up early like him.


There is not only the motivational alarm tones available, but also the motivational videos available which can be a value-added feature in this app. This wake up early app will definitely work great for the people whom Dwayne Johnson inspires a lot as a heavy weight wrestler or superstar actor of Hollywood movies. People who needs to take the inspiration in the form of motivational Alarm tone, he needs to download this app which is already available free on Android and IOS both platforms.