Top 10 YouTube Video Downloaders and Sites For August 2016


    Almost everybody is enjoying high internet connection speed enough to stream non-stop online videos on YouTube, since it is the third largest site in terms of monthly unique visitors and largest online videos site. The problem is there is a time when you do not have access to Internet due to network problems or you do not have the internet connection at that time. YouTube video downloader is the solution for such situation for still watching YouTube videos even without internet connection. Yes, you can make a habit of or download all favorite YouTube videos, so make their availability ensure even you are offline due to genuine reason.

    Before going next to share names of best YouTube video downloader’s, we want to alert you that downloading these software also includes malicious files and viruses, so you must have anti-virus software available already to scan them.

    1. aTube Catcher

    This YouTube video downloader software has several features to make you able for downloading videos, converting them into other formats and even perform the video merging function. aTube Catcher is more than just video download software since it performs numerous functions such as it finds the all clips you watch on internet and merged them all by merging all its files together. aTube Catcher is also offering you screen recorder feature which records the all videos currently playing on your device’s screen. It means aTube Catcher is best for people who owns gaming channel on YouTube. In fact, several YouTube owing gaming channel has shared this fact that they use aTube Catcher for the game recording purpose.

    You can download multiple YouTube videos at a time because it allows parallel downloading feature. This software contains the professional style of coding which allows it to be working with Windows operating system as old as Windows 98.

    YouTube video downloader
    aTube Catcher ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. Any Video Converter

    I can define this YouTube Video downloader software as Swiss Army Knife in order to perform multiple functions in regard to video downloading. It is capable of changing the videos in 60 different formats, burn the DVD’s as well as recording the videos. Its free version is not much faster for downloading YouTube videos but you will never be frustrated. It is also important to know that user will be able downloading only one YouTube video at a time on free version, which should not be a problem for anyone. Otherwise, you will have to buy the Pro version available at £37.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    aNY Video Converter ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. Free YouTube Download

    You may not like downloading Free YouTube Download software with several other bundled software are also being download with it, otherwise It is good to download in every way. You can find this downloader more efficient in downloading multiple videos simultaneously and not quite good in video conversion with limited features. Although, you can use it for downloading videos of even 8k resolution and makes you able to be converting into AVI. I would recommend you downloading this free YouTube video downloader.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    Free YouTube Download ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. YTD Video Downloader

    YTD is such YouTube video downloader software not limited to downloading YouTube videos only. It enables the user downloading online videos from 60 different sites. YTD Video Downloader is available in two versions free and Pro. In the free version, user will have to be seeing the ads on the interface, compromise on Simultaneous downloading feature and faster downloading speed. But no worry free version gives you access to all other basic feature such as video downloading from 60 different sites, video conversion to the MP3, AVI, WMV and others. While you are downloading free version installer, it offers you downloading bundled software for promoting them, you need to be cautions and unclick all such software before click on Download button. This is also one of the best YouTube video downloader.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    YTD Video Downloader ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. Clip Convertor

    You will be surprised to know that Clip Convertor is a website and not a YouTube video downloading app. You need to copy the URL of the video from site and paste it on Clip Convertor site, then choose the format (variety of formats available to download the video at), and also choose the quality. It is also making you able downloading videos from YouTube even in 1080p and 4K resolution with simplest download process.

    Clip Convertor is expectedly slow in file conversion, but you can activate the email notification to alert you once conversion is completed. This is one of the simplest and best YouTube video downloader site, you do not have to be engaged in software downloading even.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    Clip Converter ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. Video Grabby

    You may be thinking that what I would do with so many features available in these YouTube video downloader’s when I have a limited use of it. In this case, you should be using Video Grabby which enables you with two options; you can download the video or music simply through copying and pasting. You can download the videos in MP4 format and music files in MP3 format. When you have to download the HD videos from sites, you can click on HQ button to do the same. It enables you downloading videos from Vimeo as well.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    Video Grabby ( YouTube Video Downloader )


    1. Keepvid

    This is another online site for downloading YouTube videos with own strengths and weaknesses. It offers variety of downloading option in different formats such as MP4, Audio, 3GP and WebM. It’s got a bad thing on Keepvid site which is its fake ads to ask you for clicking and brings you on other irrelevant sites. Though, site owners also have to generate revenues for offering services, but the quality of ads should be higher and not fake. Otherwise, this is another best YouTube video downloader online site.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    Keepvid ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. Airy

    This YouTube video downloader is created to meet and serve your most basic needs. Its free version will enable you only downloading two videos, developers do not want you to take unfair advantage of playlist download feature. Its paid version is available at $19.95 with unlimited features.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    Airy ( YouTube Video Downloader )
    1. SaveFromNet

    I enjoyed about SaveFromNet is its quite easy video downloading feature, user only have to copy the desired video URL and paste it into the box, then chose the format at which video downloads. You can also download YouTube videos in several formats using it.

    YouTube Video Downloader
    SaveFromNet ( YouTube Video Downloader )


    We have shared with you best YouTube Video Downloader software and online sites, if you think missed anyone can share with us on Comments section.