Top 3 Best Places For New Year Celebration

new year celebs

A level of fun for New Year Celebration depends upon which place you go for celebrating it. You may do not want visiting other countries for celebration but if so, these three places are best for the New Eve Celebration.

New York City

Million people of gathering in Times Square has become the symbol of ideal New Year celebration. Tourists should make the opportunity visiting NYC for its celebration as a lifetime experience.


RIO is the second best place and has also become the place where highest number of people get gathered for New Eve celebration. Copacabana Beach is a place which welcomes more than 2 million people stretched upon over the 2.5 miles area. Its New Eve tradition that people have to be wearing the local dress head to toe in white with full of flowers in hands. People enjoy celebrating New Eve by dancing and performing on music.


Sydney City proudly claims that being a best city to celebrate New Eve especially for two reasons. First of all, Sydney is a city which never sleeps and secondly its largest firework displays in the world in two sessions, first session at 9pm and second when New Year starts.