Top 8 Best Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks


Apple has always been known for its quality over quantity perspective and same technique used in production process and overall business strategies. Apple provides more privacy and authenticity which makes the user sometimes go for top best Cydia Tweaks to improve the usage experience. Cydia in response is also engaged in releasing Best Cydia Tweaks to meet the demand. There are millions of iPhone users and significant percentage of owners got Jailbreak its iPhone to find the access of Cydia Tweaks.
I am going to share with you Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks which all worth Jailbreaking your Apple device and take the risk. Before listing down and discussing each and every tweak in the top 10 list, let me give you short introduction about Cydia. It is another store with apps available to download, these are the apps rejected by Apple to make them available on iStore and now available at Cydia store. You can find the top 10 best Cydia jailbreak tweaks in the following.

#1 Harbor
Habor is a tweak which becomes the ultimate dock for the icons of all apps. It allows you placing the unlimited icons of apps on its dock and can see them all at once. Harbor is a tweak designed with the purpose of recreating the Mac’s signature dock feature. It looks beautiful when you touch on the dock, it rises all the icons up in the wave and you need to tap one of them to launch it. Habor is included in the Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks.

#2 Whatsapp Customizer
This is a best Cydia tweaks developed for customizing the Whatsapp messenger and available for IOS 8 and 9 versions. We can perform several functions with the help of this tweak specially designed for Whatsapp such as
• Able to change the color of bubbles in chat box and its user interface.
• Text color can be changed with this tweak.
• Able to change the date on Whatsapp Interface.
• Able to change the size of font.
• It is an updated version with no flaws and crashes problems.
• This leaves the whole Whatsapp customization in your own hands.
This is the tweak especially designed for the Whatsapp lovers.

#3 iCleaner
This is an iPhone cleaning app which cleans the all junk files, viruses and malicious data from your internal and SD card memory. In the Andriod, we can find the similar app in the name of CCleaner. It is one of the best Cydia Tweaks for whom wants to make own iPhone as brand new. Its other features are as follows.
• It helps you fixing the virus coming from Internet, also removes the junk files comes while downloading the main files from safari browser on your iPhone.
• It enables you cleaning all cache files from iStore and junk files on iPhone memory.
• It clears the all cache files to revert up some space on iPhone memory.
• This Cydia tweaks is compatible with versions from 8 to 9.3.3.
• It allows relaxing the RAM clearing all iFile.
This is the Best Cydia tweaks to make your iPhone like brand new.

# 4 Delete Contact
This is a Cydia tweak which adds the trash into your contact list and you need to click on all those contacts numbers wants to be deleted either single or multiple. You can delete the big contact list in few seconds.
This Cydia tweak is compatible with the IOS 8 to 9.3.3.

#5 FlipSwitchSpotlight
This is another best Cydia Jailbreak Tweak allowing you activating or deactivating the Spotlight search on iPhone sooner than expected in moments. This tweak is compatible with the all versions from 4 to 9 IOS.

#6 PullToRespring

This is one of the simple Respring Cydia tweaks in which you need to go to the setting and using it means pulling for once, it will change the order of the apps appears on settings in the name of PullToRespring.

#7 Future Lock

This is free tweak available on Cydia for iPhone users, it offers the futuristic kind of home screen locks which also looks amazing in terms of its interface. This tweak is fully compatible with the IOS from 8 to 9.3.3..

#8 Bigify

This is a tweak enables the iPhone user to also customize the size and directions of the app icons. For Instance, you want to make the bigger size for the icons of few apps can do this and also change the angles with rotation option. You can also increase or decrease the transparency of the icon means all control in your hand for icons. This is the best Cydia tweak increasing your control over the icons size, transparency and rotational angle which makes a significant change. This tweak is compatible with the IOS versions from 8 to 9.3.3. .

#9 Custom Notification Sound

Custom Notification Sound is a Cydia tweak offers its users to keep customizing the notification sound for different kind of notifications. You do not have to stick with the same sound of all notifications all the time. You can download it directly from Cydia and it is compatible with the IOS versions from 8 to 9. This is one of the best Cydia Tweaks in its own kind.