Top Drag Racing Game(s) on Android For Enjoying The Dragging.

drag race
Drag racing game is the modern approach of contest the racing between car / motorbike racers. There is a straight track in which they have to be engaged in acceleration contest, gearing up at the right time and crossing the finishing line (1/8 mile long in most races) before the other racer.  A player can win the drag racing shifting from one gear to other once it is maxed out. We are going to share some top drag racing games available on android which gives the player an amazing expereince and feel.
Top Speed
A player can buy and use 69 different cars for the drag racing and each car has its own features and better than others. Players will also be contested in the zones captured by criminals and street gands, you have to be defeating them for progressing in this drag racing game. You can upgrade you cars for improving its dragging ability and perform good in race. A personal mechanic will be available who takes care of your car to increase the odds of winning the race for you. After all, drag racing game requires the car at its best condition for efficient gear shifting which is not possible without a good mechanic. Now, you can imagine how much detailed this game is designed to improve the player gaming experience.
In the game screen, Instruments are showing you the all mechanics of car during the drag racing. You need to press acceleration button on the screen once race starts and reaching the green zone to maintain the speed momentum. As your needle touches the green zone, you will have to press the up-shift button to gear up and for winning drag race. There is also a niturious button on the left, you can use it if you need to win the race.  
I would totally recommend you this “Top Speed” drag racing game available on android.
drag racing game
Top Speed ( drag racing game )
CSR Classics
It is a drag racing game with the older cars available for the players. This game has restored the classic era where older cars used to be used in drag racing. You will expereince the contestants in the game are talking with each other like stunt people actually used to be in the last three or four decades. There are only 20th Century cars available but one unrealistic thing is those are available with nitrious to boost up the speed, which was actually not available at that time.
In this drag racing game, there are different options introduced such as Crew Battle Races which has a dedicated storyline to go through it. The second kind of race introduced is “Ladder Racing” in which you will be competing with the better player in every next race once you win.
I would say that you feel this drag racing game is much generous than other similar and non-similar games. You can watch the ads videos to get the gold or have to be waiting for twelve minutes to refill your gas for one unit. This is the best drag racing game with the old era cars.
Drag racing game
CSR Classics ( drag racing game )
Racing Rivals
This game seems to be easy play but you will realize soon it is not. Player has be using three buttons during racing. First is “Launch” Button, Second is “Accelerator” and Third is “Shift.” A key to win the drag race is strong reflexes when you have to instantly shift the gear one blue dotted line turns into green. Even, you press the shift button late by half of the second, your opponent can lead you on the track. You will have to keep looking blue dots and shift the gear once it turn green. There is a fifteen seconds match in the Racing Rivals, player cannot afford more than one mistake. I would say this is the true drag racing game. 
Drag racing game
Racing Rivals ( drag racing game )
CSR Racing 2
This is not another drag racing game but comes up with interesting storyline in which you have to defeat the groups in five different tiers. When you defeat the boss in the top tier three times, you will get his special car to ride and race in the next levels. There are seven parts of the car which contributes into car dragging car, these needs to be upgraded to increase the probability of winning race. Player also has to take care of other things such as gear ratio as well as tire pressure which affects the ability of car dragging. These multiples makes it a strategic game as well and it is not simple to win the game just through accelerating and shifting. I can expect that all CSR love will also play this drag racing game. 
Drag racing game
CSR 2 ( drag racing game )
Nitro Nation

This is a drag racing game can play online with friends. You can invite them online to manage the tournament and trade the cars with each other. Player will have access to cars of top brands such as Ford, Mazda, BMW, Audi, Nissan and many more. It offers the online mutiplayer drag racing which increases the interest in game when you know there is a real person you are going to compete with.


Drag racing game
Nitro nation ( drag racing game )