Unofficial Account of Gen. Raheel Sharif is mistakenly verified by Twitter

Unofficial Account
Unofficial Account

There is no contradiction on saying that Gen. Raheel Sharif is the most popular personality in Pakistan due to his endless efforts to root out the terrorism forever. Pakistan Nation also likes him due to his high commitment the way he celebrates various occasions like Eid with the soldiers on Borders instead of staying in Islamabad.

No one raises questions on the way he is leading the Pak Army and fighting with the terrorism. Pakistan Nation would love him to make an account on Social Media platforms to communicate with him, but he is not maintaining an official account on Twitter or Facebook. Pakistan Army is represented by Gen. Bajwa an official Spokesman of Army and using the Twitter to make official announcements. Though, lots of political figures have active Twitter accounts and millions of followers likes and Retweet official tweets. Imran Khan is enjoying highest number of followers on his Twitter Page.

Recently, Twitter users discovered that the unofficial account of Gen. Raheel Sharif has been verified as official by the Twitter’s team. It can be a big negligence from Twitter side, verifying the official account without the consent of that person. This raises the questions about Twitter policies and code of conduct for running such a big social media channel. It can make the people confuse about Raheel Sharif and his tweets actually sent by an unknown person who actually owns the account.

This should be taken care of by Twitter as soon as possible because this is about the highest executive personality of Pak Army which should not be controversial due to the negligence of Twitter.