5 Things You New Knew About Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Unknown Facts
Carrie Fisher Unknown Facts

Carrie Fisher is no more with us but we still love here for the work she did and here sharing with you all unknown facts about her.

  1. She had love-hate relationship with George Lucas

Wishful Drinking was one of her best memoir got the huge popularity. In one interview, she told about how George Lucas ruined her life.

  1. She always hated those costumes had to be wearing in the Star Wars

One of her dress was a metal made Bikni from the movie “Return of the Jedi”. It was very hateful and despised. She said, once I was laid down while wearing that metal Bikni which still stayed up and Boba Fett could see all of mine.

  1. She became first choice for the role of Princess Leia over other big names

Dozens of actresses auditioned for this role and all of them wanted it badly. These actresses included Sissy Spacek, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, Farrah Fawcett, Kathleen Turner, Jane Seymour, Jessica Lange, Kim Basinger and Geena Davis.

  1. She never liked her bangle bun hair style

She was not convinced to be wearing the wig of “bagel bun” hair style but Directors made her to do that in the original Star Wars. Though she disliked it but did not hesitate much because of being afraid for losing the role.

  1. She had a fight with her mother for the role

Due to the limited budget for the movie, the all cast members had to be flying England on economy class seats rather than first class. When her mother came to know all this, she called George Lucas and started complaining for this. Lucas handed the phone to the Fisher so that she could handle herself. She said, “I want to fly coach. Will you fuck off?” and then discarded the call.

I hope, all of these facts were never disclosed on you earlier and enjoyed them all.