Use VPN or TOR? New laws classify you a criminal and you will he hacked by FBI


In the recent time, the Supreme Court of USA have made a landmark judgment and allowing FBI officers to hack into any computer in the world even do not require a permission first. As per the new rule approved by Supreme Court, FBI is all allowed to search and seize any or all systems available all over the world in which users are using privacy tools like Tor or VPN. In the USA, Supreme Court has made changes in the rule and as per new Rule No. 41, It makes the federal magistrate judge empowered for issuing a search warrant in the suspect of any system being used for using anonymity software like VPN or Tor.

Rule 41 is going to become a law in case no opposition is showed by U.S. Congress against the FBI authority of hacking any system in the world. The new law passed by Supreme Court gives too many powers to FBI and they can get into any system anywhere in the world in no time, even without informing the bureau about the hacking.

This is definitely the need of time when cyber criminals have become more powerful and lots of terrorism activities are initiated on the social media at the cyber world. Information Technology is getting out of hands and judicial activism and such amendments in the laws are essential to curb the terrorism from the cyber criminals and FBI technical team needs to be empowered and allowed to electronically investigate any system.

The new ruling will escalate the tensions between concerned departments especially between privacy advocates and department of combat cyber crime. They both have their own arguments in order to represent the own point of view. House of Representatives have already passed a bill in accordance with, government needs obtaining cause warrant from a judge before hacking the suspected systems and seizing the personal data of its users stored on the databases of big tech companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter and other similar platforms.

The new ruling can affect the millions of users of privacy tools like VPN or Tor, It must be in the knowledge of everyone using these privacy software and beware of losing the personal date to FBI officials. As per the Facebook Statement, over 1 million users are visiting through Tor and this is a huge number.