7 Easy Ways to Start Living / Thinking as a Truly Minimalist – Minimalist is an Approach to Live Happy Life


People defines a word “Minimalist” in accordance with own understanding; several people totally misunderstand the concept of Minimalist and takes it as something concrete. Let me also try to explain what does it mean and how its important in our lives. Minimalist is an approach to live the better life through feeling satisfying what you have and do not spoil the precious moments regretting what you do not have. Associate your life happiness with few things and do not go for everything which makes you search more and enjoy less. When you get involved with several things in the life, you cannot spend quality time as Minimalist does. Another approach to be a Minimalist, enjoy/utilize/consume/feel most what you have right now and then go for next thing. There is also second approach, stick with your basic needs as they are enough to make your life truly happy. A non-minimalist person does not enjoy most what he has got today, even not half of it.

There are 10 easy ways to start thinking as a Minimalist.

  1. Show gratitude

You do not have to find the reasons to be showing gratitude towards life, what you have today is more than enough in your life.

  1. Learn to complain less

Unfortunately, we all make complains in our lives having after-effects. Most of the time, when end up with complaining about anything goes wrong in my life contrary to my expectations, it takes me hours to get back into the normal mood. You can learn make no complains by setting mini goals and continuously engaging yourself in achieving them. We would never make complains of not achieving mini goals as they are not backed by our long hours of efforts.

  1. Stop thinking only about the future

I am not saying never think about the future and do not make plans, I do the same but within limitsJ. Go back into the time and remember all of your plans you made and built a strategy for, did they all happened to you in the same manner as you planned and wanted. As per my personal experience, circumstances changes so fast as we cannot make one plan all the time. This makes me learn that no use of creating long-term plans when they need to be updated on regular basis. You can rather spend time on building the potential to be adaptable with the dynamic environment.

I planned to become everything expect a writer in my life, now I am a writerJ. I have wasted my hundreds of hours in life planning for things which never came to existed in my life.

  1. Exercise

Personally speaking, doing exercise is a great source of gaining confidence in life. I always imagine that health is above everything even money and right now I am working for the most precious thing in my life which returns me multiple times in the form of enjoying long-walk, climbing, work passionately, camping and long hours spending time without feeling tired. All these things are not possible without good health.


A person with minimalist approach cannot ignore the importance of exercise. This is one activity you can get the most out of it.

  1. Never regret

Regret kills your precious time and beautiful moments in the life. We all have to accept the reality after going through the regret feelings at its peak. So why not now accept the reality and do not even enter the regret zone. I would recommend you believing in Miracles for overcoming the regrets in life. Make your own theories to get out of the regretting as worth it.

  1. Think abundantly

If you have broken up with a friend or no money for expensive gadgets. You need to think abundantly and do not put your life happiness limited to what you do not have. You may expect that soon I am going to get another good friend who is faithful and sincere. You can get your addicted to the books instead of precious gadgets like gaming consoles. Reading is truly addictive than games.

  1. Do something that makes you happy every day

Often people loves to be having a coffee, cooking a great breakfast or reading. Whatever you love most in the life, do it and also involve the soul into it. I always go for watching “Friends” a popular TV show as it makes my happy.

In my personal opinion, all people with “Minimalist” approach enjoys the life most comparing to everyone else. Leading a good life is not depended upon too much expensive gadgets, a spacious house, cars and everything you can buy. Bill Gates one of the richest man in the world, loves spending quality time on reading books and so the Mark Zuckerberg. We are the one who makes your lives miserable and associate the happiness with all materialistic things.