Weakest passwords of 2015 Published by Splash Data

SplashData revealed weakest passwords of 2015 
Starting the article with an apology and no offense to the people who kept one of these weakest passwords (going to be discussed later) in last year and feel sorry for those people who still does not change once finish this article J. This weakest password makes feel like people do not bother or think much before keeping such password which may be perceived by someone else. One should not even to be a hacker to guess such easy passwords reveled in the list. Therefore, we all must keep a complex password to prevent the others accessing your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail’s or other types of account. One of the weakest password Splash Data revealed is “1qaz2wsx” you must be thinking what is wrong with this as it seems to be really complicated password without any hint, but the password is actually the combination of first two columns on the standard keyboard, have a look and now you must be taking it as a weak password like Splash Data management. “1qaz2wsx” has been newly emerged as a weak password in 2015 and it was not available in the previous year. The other weak password is “1234567890” and now you people can understand both passwords have one easy pattern which would not give the hacker a hard time.
There are more new weak passwords appeared in the list which were not available in the year 2014. These passwords are based on the most hit movie series having millions of diehard fans all over the world (any guess), the movie is “Star Wars” and password are kept in association with this movie such as “starwars”, “solo”, “princess”. Solo and Princes are the two series of Star Wars. Now I am going to be revealing those foulest or weak passwords in the below. “No change” in brackets mean certain weak password had same ranking in last year, “new” in brackets means this is listed first time in weak passwords list and the + and – sign shows whether the rating is increased or decreased in the list as compared to the previous year of 2014.
1. 123456 (No Change)
2. password (No Change)
3. 12345678  (+1)        
4. qwerty (+1)
5. 12345 (-2)
6. 123456789 (No Change)
7. football (+3)
8. 1234 (-1)
9. 1234567 (+2)
10. baseball (-2)
11. welcome (new)
12. 1234567890 (new)
13. abc123 (+1)
14. 111111 (+1)
15. 1qaz2wsx (new)
16. dragon (-7)
17. master (+2)
18. monkey (-6)
19. letmein (-6)
20. login (new)
21. princess (new)
22. qwertyuiop (new)
23. solo (new)
24. passw0rd (new)
25. starwars (new)
Splash Data has been sharing top 25 weak passwords every year for the last five years, so that people can be educated and learn keeping such weak passwords is actually inviting the hackers to enter your account. The sad thing is people have repeatedly keeping same passwords every year except the change is few new weak passwords entered and change in the ranking numbers of old weak passwords. The password has to be more random and complex which have no certain pattern.