When the Release Date of Pokemon Z is Going to Be Announced?

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Pokemon Z has been anxiously waiting by the Pokemon gamer fans and they are ready to pay any sum of dollars to play it now. Its game developers, Nintendo and Pokemon’s senior management is engaged in postponing the game for long time which created the space for rumours from unofficial sources (So-called GameNews Expert Youtubers), no body actually knew the genuine original release data of Pokemon Z.
There has been discussion made about Pokemon Z since 2013 and it was expected its release would take place few months the release of “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon’s”. There were also rumours in placed that Pokemon Z and its game development has been stopped due to some business concerns and it is never going to be released. According to other rumours, Pokemon Z cancelled due to release of “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon”, Nintendo’s management do not want to release the big games in same year to limited the revenue generation capacity. There are also rumours that Pokemon Z will be released in the beginning months of next year 2017.
Nintendo’s management is playing surprises game with their game fans who were expecting Nintendo to make an announcement of the release date of Pokemon Z on Nintendo’s Direct event which did not happen and rather they announced the release date of “Pokemon Sun” and “Pokemon Moon”. Meanwhile, Pokemon Go has succeeded in gaining the attention of people all over the world and everybody is taking about Pokemon catching, Pokemon Stop and everything concerns to it. Pokemon Go will help the fans to stop thinking about Pokemon Z for a while at least its fever will not down for months. Meanwhile, we can expect that they announce the release date of Pokemon Z  to maintain its cash generating cycle for business point of view.