Which is Best Streaming Services, Netflix vs Hulu Plus vs Amazon Prime

This article will be really useful for the people considering switching to other cable network service, unhappy with the current cable and do not know the other best cable services available. Though, Netflix is enjoying the highest market share and mostly people is having Netflix cable services but currently Netflix competitors are also performing good and offering extra ordinary services. But, the important thing is which cable service is best for you which suits best your needs and designed in that way. We will make comparison among Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.
Current Episodes
People always like to be watching current episodes of TV shows on aired as soon as possible. Currently, there are number of TV shows enjoying higher viewership but also large number of people are also unable to watch them even within seven days it aired. In this context, Netflix competitors are way ahead and better, Hulu Plus uploads the all latest episodes within 24 hours of the episode aired. Moreover, Netflix usually uploads the current episodes of TV shows one year after it’s aired, it is good choice for those who are not watching season episode by episode. Whereas, Amazon takes five days uploading episode in its database but for few selected seasons. Moreover, Hulu is offering wide variety of TV shows whereas Netflix and Amazon Prime are not.
This shows that Netflix competitors especially Hulu is good at TV Shows in terms of availability of variety of shows and latest episode in library.
Netflix Competitor Hulu may be good at showing current episodes of TV shows but it has a negative side as well in comparison with Netflix. There are lots of ads here which might be annoying for the subscriber and he may like switching to other cable service. But, the good thing is user can customize the nature of ads runs in the middle of watching shows.
Whereas, there are no ads in Amazon Prime and Netflix though Amazon promotes its other shows in the beginning of each video.
Original Content
This is the most significant criteria of decision making to choose the own cable network service. The original content is personal for each and every TV show, it cannot be appeared on other cable service. In this criteria, Netflix competitors are way behind because you can watch award winning shows created by Netflix such as “House of Cards” a drama based on American Politics and “Orange is New Black”. There are number of more original content is coming on Netflix which also seems promising.
Netflix competitors are very slow in catching this trend and coming up with good original content. But, it seems Amazon Plus may have the large viewership for its Original Content in Future for the shows like “The man in the High Castle”. It’s one show “Transparent” has also won the award in Golden Globes. Amazon Plus can be the strong Netflix competitor in TV shows area. Hulu Plus is not really doing great because they have not entirely original shows available those produced by the production team such as UK’s BBC. It’s one original TV show which is Deadbeat seems good but they need number of more original and promising TV shows.  
You can find the movies in the Netflix which even you never heard about, means no Netflix competitor even stands close. It has largest movies database from Marvel production to Indie Production. Every new moth comes up with the arrival of new movies. Besides movies, you can also watch number of documentaries here.
As far as Amazon Prime is concerned, It has decent amount of movies and you can find big hit movies definitely. It is also the truth, the movies you find here will also be found in Netflix. On the other Hand, Netflix Competitor Hulu is also not good at large movies database but its users can have access to Criterion Collection which gives the access to the hit classic movies released all over the world. Netflix competitors are unable to beat it in the movies.
The good news is all three cable network services are cheap comparing its quality of services with the ordinary cable network. Netflix and Hulu both are available at $7.99 monthly and Amazon Prime is available at $99 per year which makes $8.25 per month. I think price should not be the concerned in decision making of choosing one of these three cable services.
Netflix competitors are good at few things which makes it number one choice over Netflix. It is also depended upon your needs and requirements from cable service. You should go for Netflix if you only like watching movies or you have no problem watching seasons one year later of its original release date. But if you want to watch episodes as soon as possible, subscribe to Hulu Plus. Amazon will be the first choice when you want free shipping and streaming service.