Workout Goals Is a New Physical Fitness Android-Based App

Work Out Fitness App

Android platform is providing an app in the name of “Workout Goals”, specially designed for people who are engaged in daily workouts and concerned about their physical fitness. Technology is already contributing alot in improving’s the people lifestyle and an android based fitness app enables the user to keep the complete record of own workout in terms of total time spent on physical exercise, amount of calories burnt and even monitors your heart rate. This app has lots of other features to be availed and really useful for athletes. During the running, this app shares the information such as how much distance has been covered, running speed as well as inform you about current location.

A user can also directly input the data to acquire the required information about its fitness goals. For Instance, a user has entered the data as he needs to lose 5 lbs in two months as fitness goal, application calculates the daily calories required to burn to lose 5 lbs in two months. A user can also schedule its workout for the whole week, this application will notify you in the morning about your present day schedule. It’s a stats friendly fitness application, which allows the statistical based graphical representation for showing user’s progress towards reaching its projected goals. The stats will be translated into a graph to give the clear picture to the user.


This application has simplest appearance and layout which is extremely user friendly. You just have to input the data in the all required fields and go to the next step. Once, you have provided all your basic information such as (height, weight, gender), you can optimize its usage according to your needs. As far as its price value is concerned, it is totally free available on Play Store but it appears the Google ads while using this application.