YouTube Introduces Mobile Live Streaming Feature!


YouTube has finally introduced the live streaming feature from the mobile phone, now the YouTuber who owns the channel can have online streaming to interact with its subscribers and users through the mobile phone. It is very strange to know that the world’s largest online video website introduced this feature so late that even other non-video streaming socializing apps introduced the online streaming through mobile months ago such as Facebook, Twitter and Periscope.

live streaming

Though, these three social networking sites are not the rivals with the YouTube because they serve the entirely different audiences. It’s true that we use the YouTube to watch the Entertainment channel and entertaining videos,  Twitter and Facebook are used for socializing with friends and following the professional experts or actors.

YouTube live streaming on the mobile has its own limitations because steamer would not be able answering the flood of questions coming from the viewers, it is quite easy in live streaming from laptop. YouTube is also making it possible for you that, its user can also find the live streaming channels and videos currently at that time on YouTube, these live streaming videos will be shown on the recommended list.

In the April 2016, YouTube also extended its support to the 360 Degree videos and the creator can upload such format of videos on YouTube. But, this support is extended to those videos created on the 360-degree cameras as well. Mobile live streaming feature is yet to be making available to all YouTubers but not yet. You expect this to be happening in near future. This is a good news for the Big YouTubers who owns the channel with large number of subscribers, now they can go live anytime they want and do not have to carry the laptop on the way. I guess, this feature will promote the casual live streaming videos.