YouTube Video: Uber CEO Having Heated Argument With Driver Over Decreasing Fares

Uber CEO
Uber CEO

“Take Responsibility For Your Own Shit”, this is what said by Uber CEO while arguing with driver over declining fares.

A Chief Executive Officer ‘Travis Kalanick’ got into the heated argument with a driver on the issue of falling fares according to a report by Bloomberg. The incident happened when ride was booked through Uber Black, this is Uber’s high-end service. Driver started arguing of losing the trust from the consumer side used to be having for Uber. The arguments started heating over the time and Kalanick refused accepting any responsibility and rather blamed the driver for not accepting own mistakes. You can see the whole incident in the video below.

After this video went viral on social media and seen by millions of people. Kalanick issued an apology for treating the Driver with not respect and confessed that he could not be a good leader for motivating his team of drivers.

One thing is sure that Uber going through the hard time and encountering serious business challenges.